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  1. Conway

    This is my first post. Ive lurked around here for about a year, perhaps and I find incredible info and inspiration around here. Im not a new guitarist but Im needing a teacher. A teacher that I really get what I need from. Does anyone know of any guitar teachers in Atlanta? Just to give an idea of what Im into and what perspective Im looking to get Ill mention a few people Im into: Kurt, obviously, Van Epps, Herring, Krantz, Frisell, and nearly all things Zorn.

    and ideas would be of major help to me. Im in a music school and could really use some outside of school help.


  2. Vilibald

    I think Lage Lund teaches via Skype. In case you would not find anyone in your area...

  3. Conway

    that is a seriously interesting idea. Ill keep that in mind for down the road . I really need someone in front of me though. I get nervous in front of people so I actually need someone there so I can battle that. I think I just found someone as well. After searching online for a week I found someone to try out an hour after posting this.

  4. jbear

    Hi There,
    I am in Marietta and I am into Henderson, Ford, Krantz. Holdsworth, Rosenwinkel, Metheny, al. I'm taking lessons with Ryan Strickland at Atl Music Brokers in Roswell. He's a fusion guy with formal training and I'm getting a lot out of my lessons (he's a super nice guy). I have a lesson tonight...let me know and I'll mention that you're interested...then you can give him a call if you want.

  5. Conway

    Thanks jbear I actually found a teacher in Roswell, as well. I looked your guy up though and he had some real nice stuff. Its always nice to learn a new name in the area to keep a lookout for when there playing near me.


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