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  1. Hey,
    Good job getting rid of these stupid adds that appear from time to time . However, if you read the hot tags there are still some items that have made their way there; sure, they're dead and don't link but ultimately still function in a branding capacity - which is annoying.

  2. Hey guys,
    It's happening again ...Presumably holiday hacks.
    ( see previous posts re: Nike bla bla ).

  3. ... and again.
    "Overdeem" and other stuff in the title.

  4. Topic

    " when is the correct time ..." Blablabla

  5. "Fitness tips... Safer colon"...

  6. Right under my repost;
    " flaunt your shapely curves..."

  7. Triple threat. That one's creepy

  8. ...

  9. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey Floatingbridge,

    Thanks for your comment - yeah, trying to deal with these morons. Just incredible the bunch of idiots out there sometimes.

  10. Notice the past two seem to be leaving at least a person's name along w website ... Perhaps there's someone who can be held accountable when they do this?

  11. 2 more ( prior to my bickert update ).


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