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  1. Sandemose

    Hi everyone,

    I need a software to convert FLAC sound files to mp3. My old mp3 player cant play FLAC. Can anyone recommend me anything you find useful?

    Best, Sandemose

  2. animitta

    Hello Sandemose,

    you can try this:

    or this:

    I personally use the last, foobar player/converter.

    Hope this help

    All the Best


  3. Poparad

    I use a program called dbPowerAmp that's a free swiss-army-knife type of audio converter. You can download codecs fro different audio types, so in theory, there's nothing that this program can't convert. Plus it's free.

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  4. jazznan

  5. Sandemose

    Yo, thanks everybody! I went for the one you recommended Poparad, but I realized it was only a trialversion. Were did you find the free version you use?

    Best, and thanks again folks!


  6. Poparad

    The program is free. You install codecs for each audio format, and some codecs can be trial versions only. In which case, just go with a codec made by someone else and use that with the program.

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  7. Poparad

    Hmm, well I take that back. It looks like it's no longer a free program.

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