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  1. Matt

    There's a highschool sextet-combo that plays down at a local jazz club in town (every Saturday, 6-8) and I really want to get in. I think it would be a great way to start taking music seriously and challenge myself.

    i talked with the club owner and told him that, but my fear is that i may not be ready. I've been playing 6 years, mainly played out of Vol. 54 and know a few other tunes (all the things you are, a lot of blues tunes, footprints), while he says that they mainly play wayne shorter, and tunes like 'donna lee'. I am also only going to be a sophomore, and most of the guys in the combo are seniors.

    The 'audition' is a jazz jam session with a local flutist who is experienced, and the club owner said to come with a 'few tunes in mind.'

    So, does anyone have an suggestions for tunes, or advice in general? Should i audition at all? I think I definitely want to play 'the Girl From Ipanema' because i can get through the changes really well, and maybe a blues? Maybe i'm being too anxious?

    Thanks everyone.

  2. filters

    give it a try. you will learn something out of any experience.
    any jam I went (and I didn't go to many... I should go more often) I met musicians and I play sessions with them now at my place or at their places... well, I may not be more experienced than you. I've been playing for less than 10 years, but my general advice is : GO FOR IT.

  3. Poparad

    Go for it. The tunes you mentioned are good as they're tunes that the other guys at the jam should know already, and between Girl and a blues, you have some variety in style and such. Plus, 'Girl' has some tricky changes on the bridge, so showing that you can follow them clearly is a good point to make.

    As filters said, you'll at least learn something from the experience, and you'll be a little more comfortable the next time you have to do an audition.

  4. Matt

    I've also been thinking of 'Satin Doll', as a few can mean two, or a bunch.
    Yeah, i'm really looking forward to it. I have a lot of practice to do, though!

  5. filters

    stella, green dolphin, there will never be another you, a night in tunisia, body and soul, darn that dream, i should care, nica's dream ...

  6. Matt

    are these the standard chords for 'Girl'? I learned a slightly different set of changes; at the bridge, i learned Gbmaj7 to B9, then Amaj7-D9, Bbmaj7-Eb9, then two ii-v-is in G and F, consecutively. Anyway, i think these are more 'official' -

  7. Poparad

    Yes, those are the standard 'Girl' changes. However, your changes aren't unrelated. They're taking a slightly different harmony from the same key. (F#m and Amaj are both from the same scale and have almost the same notes).

  8. Poparad

    If you play an Amaj7 chord or when soloing, improvise thinking Amaj7, it will fit nicely even though the bass player will probably be playing an F#. The overall effect is that it will sound like F#m9. This is a very common trick to make the same scale sound a little different without reharmonizing the tune or playing outside of the key.

  9. jazznan

    the jpeg images are the correct changes and what Poparad said is also true. I remember the first jazz jam I went to and we played footprints. Man I sucked! But as bad as I was, it made me want to get back up there again, the feeling of playing live on a bandstand with other great musicians, CANNOT be duplicated by aebersold or band in the box

    Do it! Go for it!

    And don't despair, it only gets better.....the only thing that can get seriously hurt, unless you fall off of the bandstand or trip, is your ego, so check it and have fun

  10. Matt

    Yeah, i'm looking forward to it!
    I guess i'll post back and let you know how it goes/went. It's in one week.

  11. Sandemose

    Good luck from Kalmar, Sweden!

    Best, Sandemose

  12. popard is correct on the subs, but if you are comping for a soloist i would stick to the lead sheet you posted. also the two ii-v's you mentioned are really just a iii VI7 ii V in f(a turnaround). best of luck!

  13. Matt

    It's tonight!
    Excited, really. It'll be nice to get outta the 'shed' for a night.


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