Avoiding Wrist Damage

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  1. Nathan078

    Hey guys this is a question for anyone out there or Kurt. Recently I have been having some left hand wrist trouble and was wondering want steps you guys do to prevent things like this from escalating? (Tendentious, etc...) Thanks!

  2. Unless there is something glaring and obviously wrong about your technique it can be tricky to try to assess what it is that you may be doing that is the source of injury. It can be hard to perform honestly as you normally would while simultaneously trying to objectively observe and discern what might be the source behavior that is causing you pain. The only thing I have found realistic is to be relaxed and to keep moving. I don't think there is one posture. I think you could get all scoliosis and using your bent ankle as a footstool for five minutes and it could feel great if you're allowing yourself to breathe and it's enabling you to reach and move as you wish . After a few minutes uncurling from that. Being fluid. Look into different straps . Don't fear the nerd session all the way to the top bow tie guitar strap height if that feels good , don't fear the John stowell cello vibes. Fear the strap to the knees curled in wrist rocker vibes. Yoga is great . Alexander technique can also change habits and bring awareness to everyday movements(... Although , when I went to see a guy I feel I was dishonestly doing my impression of good posture rather than playing as I often do ). A teacher I had that was feeling tendinitis ( which he seemed to think he got from gripping in too stiff a manner during mountain biking ?), showed me a stretch where he would stand in front of a doorway , hold his armss forward making contact with doorway, turn his wrists facing eachother and rest his fingers on the doorframe - making a little right ange at the wrist and hands, and he would lean forward and press or bounce in towards the door frame and this would stretch tendons in his forearm . If you raise you arms slightly you will feel it more on the ring finger pinky; if you go a little lower than straight out in from you get the pointer more.

  3. Nathan078

    Hey Floatingbridge thanks for the advise. Yes I do try to stay relaxed when I practice/play, I also use the classical footstool as well. I think it comes from not practicing the "right way." I get in about 5-6 hours a day, but until recently (I have talked to people about this problem) I would do 3-4 hour chucks at a time, non-stop. I think this is were most of it lies maybe? My teacher told me to take a 10 min break each hour of practice and stretch. So thanks for that new stretch, will help for sure! Alexander technique....man Juilain Lage uses that right? That stuff is hard core, but cool.

  4. I have been having issues recently and I just bought this book---not as good as going to see someone but it has given me some things to think about---maybe it will help.


  5. Nathan078

    How much have you worked out of it? Seems interesting.

  6. I have only just begun working on it to be honest---it's a lot to go through and I have a lot of relearning to do. I would say if you could find an Alexander Technique Instructor it would be best but when I looked in my area there wasn't anybody close. If that is not an option then this book might be a good place to start. It is basically relearning how to play the guitar for me---which is frustrating but maybe will help my particular physical ailments . Also ---the tips about breathing are helping my time feel so that is an added bonus.


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