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B Blues

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  1. Colonel Trane

    I bought the East Coast Love Affair transcription book a while ago and have been looking into it more as of late. The transcription for B Blues has me stumped though. I cannot figure out what is going on harmonically in that track that could make it a blues. Don't get me wrong its an awesome tune, it's just over my head right now. Can anyone shed some light as to the harmonic ideas in the chord progression. I just don't see the blues in it.

  2. cruxtable

    i haven't listened recently, but i'm pretty sure it's not really a blues at all...might have some bluesy things in it, i'm looking at the changes and it has a lot of dominant chords, but don't let the fact that "blues" is in the title throw you off..don't worry so much about it. it is what it is. the changes are his own original changes.

  3. Colonel Trane

    That's what I was starting to figure. I couldn't find any way of looking at those changes where I was seeing a blues

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