B section Midnight blue

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  1. david6strings

    Kenny Burrell midnight blue B section. i have no idea what's going on someone can help or confirm this:

    Db7 -- C7 -- F- -- Bb7 -- ¿¿¿¿ Bb-9 - Ab-9 ???? -- F- -- F- C7 --

    I don't understand those two chords and the phrases in the improvisation adds more confusion to me. By now im playing dorian and melodic over those chords. give me a hand if you are familiar with the song, cause im sure im overthinking. sounds like if it were pretty basic but maybe im missing something

  2. jorgemg1984

    It seems like this to me - / Db7(#11) / C7(alt) / F7 / Bb7 / Bbm7 / Abm7 / Db7 (#11) / C7 (alt) / - the scales being / Lydian Dominant / Altered / Mix or Lydian Dominant / Mix or Lydian Dominant / Dorian / Dorian or Melodic Minor / Lydian Dominant / Altered /.

    But I just listened quickly...

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  3. david6strings

    thanks jorge... because the ab-7 is like the II relative to subV7/V right? it's a good reason to play melodic minor

  4. jorgemg1984

    Yes! When you have a subV with a II like Abm7 Db7 going to Cmaj7 you have two approaches: if you keep it melodic minor / lydian dominant it's like playing G7 altered. Some people when they add the Abm7 they play dorian / mixolydian to give a little extra color - Wes is a great example of this. Both options are available :) (you can even treat the Abm7 as dorian and the Db7 as lydian dominant as I think I heard Kenny do)




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