bad plus with kurt?

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  1. the bad plus topic made me remember that several summers ago(?) kurt played with the bad plus at a jazz fest in nyc. wasnt able to go and was hoping some vids or boots appeared but i never saw any.

    did anyone see this show? how was it?

  2. mikelorenz

    I was at the show...truly memorable. The high point of the evening was "Silence is the Question." It was really epic rendition with a long, drawn out crescendo that featured Kurt playing bits of the melody then launching into flourishes of notes in between phrases, quickly switching between a clean tone and his singing distorted tone. "Song X" was a great surprise to the set, something I didn't expect coming into the show. The band launched right into it with a simple head nod after a great rendition of "Use of Light." The encore, the standard "Have You Met Miss Jones?" was short and sweet. The performance featured a steadily stuttering rhythm that sped up and slowed down with each 8 bar phrase. The solos were over the form with flowing beyond double-time/below half-time tempo shifts.

    There was an opening band that really killed my buzz for the concert at first. I forget what they were called and haven't heard of them since. It was a beautiful day outside and I rushed to the concert for 8pm, only to wait for the real show to being for about an hour or more. Oh well...still a great time.

    I wrote down the set as they played it so I could jog my memory afterwards. Here's what they played:

    - Big Eater (Anderson?)
    - Love is the Answer (Anderson)
    - Guilty (Iverson)
    - Turns (Rosenwinkel)
    - Use of Light (Rosenwinkel)
    - Song X (Coleman)
    - Silence is the Question (Anderson)

    - Have You Met Miss Jones?

    There were a handful of reviews on line that I managed to find, one of which includes a few pictures.

  3. Man, I remember that show and how sad I was that no videos seemed to leak out. The opening act was a UK group called Empirical if memory serves.

    EDIT: This kinda reads like I was there...unfortunately I wasn't :(



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