Basic Chord Melody.

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  1. g_2_the_izzo

    I'm working on some tunes with lots of minor ii-V7's in them and I seem to be having significant problems with my chord melody. I'm decent at improvising chord melody over major ii-V's but for some reason I can't get the minor progressions to come through for me. Definitely, a component of that is the simple fact that I haven't done too much chord melody over them compared to major ii/Vs, but for some reason when I come to these I just throw out licks rather than being able to carry a melody across the changes. Do you guys have any recommendations or thoughts on how to work out my problem? How do you approach chord melody?

    Also, I was thinking of looking into the Ted Greene books. Is it worth it?

    It looks like the majority of Chord chemistry is available through google books:

    So, I'm considering one of his other books. Is it worth the investment? Will I get a lot out of it, or is it just page after page of grids with chords on them?



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  2. Sandemose

    Well, chord chemistry (catastrohpy Ted called it) is what I remember mostly alot of chords (like ten pages of A6 chords). The "chord progression" books is perhaps what you really are looking for? I remember those as very good books for getting into the art of progressions, rather than crazy chords. Going back to basic minor/major triads (close/open) with simple substitutions could be a way to get more into II-Vs. Ive been working some, but not enaugh though.

    Good luck,

    Best, Sandemose

  3. docbop

    I studied with Ted for awhile a long time ago and knew others that did and never used his books that I know of. He hand wrote out his materials and had file cabinets full of lesson materials. Some of his old lessons have been posted on his website I would start there.

  4. geetarted

    Ted Greene's Modern Chord Progression books are great too. Scott Henderson's book is worth exploring. I took lesson's with him when he was writing to book. Check it out!

  5. g_2_the_izzo

    I will check out those links.

    Thanks for the suggestions.


  6. Sandemose

    Man, Scott Hendersons book seems like a great one! Thanks!

    Best, Sandemose

  7. geetarted

    Scott's a mutha.. playing wise.. killer.. information wise is almost better.. a punk approach to harmony. I just like his vibe.


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