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  1. Thanks to my trusty shower radio , while getting clean I learned that beck has a new album .
    It will only be released in sheet music!

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. Poparad

    I just picked it up this week. It's done up like old, vintage sheet music. Each song is an individual booklet with artwork and fake ads on the back for other songs you can purchase from fictitious publishing companies. I teach at a college music program and we have ensembles that do just about every style of music, and I'm planning on next semester having one of them create their own arrangements and interpretations of some of the songs from this.

  3. smoke

    I have two musicians pals who are working on arrangements for a set in April. I am part of the group but I haven't seen any part of it yet. I think we start rehearsals in February. I'll update things as we go along.

  4. jseaberry

    Here's his reasoning; pretty cool idea

  5. Poparad

    I don't see this as over indulgent bullshit at all. It's a thought-provoking idea that no one else is doing. As an artist, he talked about how this forced him to write in a different way that's outside of his comfort zone, which is an essential thing for any artist to do to continue growth. It also shines a light on aspects of music as a societal thing, rather than just focusing on one artist, which is more in tune with the way things were when sheet music sales and individual, home performance of songs was more popular. This project serves a different goal than releasing a recorded album does, and I think he succeeds quite well at the different objectives of that goal.

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  6. Surely , on YouTube and elsewhere we will start to be able to assemble a sense of this music as people start posting their interpretations of these pieces in the coming weeks and months ( if it hasn't already begun. I think this is really beautiful.
    I found it hilarious . It makes sense that someone of his stature pull something like this off. It reminds me of the kind of thing you see done by visual artists- its the kind of moves they pull. In an age of lack of control with intellectual property it is a big fuck you to the technology. It also shows some reverence for those who have worked on or posess certain skills. It's a time for them to shine and be the link between the artist and their audience. It is an artistic statement that is effective. It demands performances. It brings a focus from something or groups of people from being relics or artisanal dinosaurs to being the ones who can show this material. The ground is fertile for numerous interpretations. It brings it down to the work itself. If you think he is wack, you can check his back catalogue. Undoubtedly , he will go on the road and you can hear his version against your own or your favorite that you've heard thus far from somebody or you could go there just to " give the finger to the rock n' roll singer as he dances upon your paycheck".


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