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  1. harmnobean

    Hopefully there are some fans of Ben's here who would be interested in this!
    Sounds to me like he tuned his low E down a whole octave for this

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  2. Sandemose


    Im a big fan of Monder and his music. Ive never met him, but Ive emailed with him for at least 5 years or so. I have no freaking idea about whats going on on that video, but I know Ben tunes his guitar down for some of his solo pieces, like Double Sun. I think he tunes the low strings (E, A, D) into a chord, and the three high strings (G, B, E) into a chord. Cant recall which chords though...

    I always get happy when I see posts about Monder here. One of the most underrated musicians around, who doesnt get the credit he deserves, but what the heck. He rocks...

    Best, Sandemose

  3. harmnobean

    It's interesting, I noticed on Tony Malaby's 'Paloma Recio' cd that Ben definitely has some sort of pedal that does suboctave, because on one track he plays some typical crazy-fast Monder stuff that is doubled down the octave. Even so, I wouldn't put it past him to just tune down a bunch for a different effect.

    That's cool that you've corresponded with him. I wonder if he'd respond to this question if I emailed it to him, or if he'd just find it annoying...

  4. Poparad

    Ben's using an octave effect. Something like the Boss OC-3. You can hear it on more than just the low E string.

  5. jazznan

    new guitar player magazine with santana on the front has an interview with Monder

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  6. harmnobean

    Poparad - thanks for the definitive info!

    jazznan - thanks for the tip. I'm going to try to pick up a copy.

  7. Poparad

    Well, I wouldn't say it's definitive. I'm just guessing at what he's doing, but whatever actual device he's using, it's an octave effect.

  8. harmnobean

    Haha yeah "definitive" might have been a stretch, but, in that issue of guitar player, he does mention that he occasionally uses an old Boss OC-2, so that sounds like the most likely answer.


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