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  1. steepcreeks

  2. guitar1025

    Hey Steepcreeks,

    I studied jazz composition at Berklee. I can't speak for the online course but I can give you some insight as to how Berklee runs their jazz comp. program.

    Jazz Comp. 1 is basically writing tunes. You study basic things like motivic development as well as patterns to come up with unique chord progressions.

    Jazz Comp. 2 talks more about developing ideas to make longer pieces; multi-movement pieces, etc.

    Jazz Comp. 3 gets even deeper into the stuff from 2. More multi movement writing (the culmination of the class is a 10 minute original piece).

    Like I said, this may have nothing to do with the online course but it may give you some insight. I also took a couple of classes at Berklee with Joe. By far, one of my favorite teachers I've ever had. He has a great knowledge about harmony and I've learned an amazing amount from his classes.

    Hope this helps.

  3. steepcreeks

    Thanks 1025, looking forward to it

  4. Wow ... Just your description of the courses gives one alot to work with and think about . Thanks


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