Best courier to ship between USA and Europe?

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  1. LeonardoB

    Anyone has any experience to share regarding oversea shipments?
    I want to buy from the USA, I live in Italy, but I don't really trust the USPS because they seem to ensure only a little bit of the amount and exclusively on American territory; if the item is damaged in Europe, it's your problem..

    Any help is much appreciated.


  2. silverwater

    I checked USPS's website, and I read that the "Global Express Guaranteed" and "Express Mail International" services automatically insure goods up to $100, but more insurance can be purchased, and "Priority Mail International" doesn't have any automatic insurance but it can be purchased. I didn't see anything about the insurance only working if the item is damaged in the US.

    I was curious because I've shipped a good amount of stuff to Europe with USPS, but for some reason never bothered to check the insurance policy. The only other recommendations I could make for you to check out are UPS and FedEx, as both are well established companies.

  3. tswift.91

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