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  1. skiadikt

    have mark turner "dharma days", which i like. did not care for human feel. thinking of getting seamus blake "the call" and the joel frahm live at smalls. what other kurt sideman dates would you recommend?

  2. tonyguitar

    Here are some of my favorites:
    Chris Potter-Vertigo
    Chris Cheek-Vine
    Seamus Blake-Stranger things have happened
    Kris Bauman-Kris Bauman Quartet
    Matt Penman-The Unquiet

  3. Poparad

    I second Chris Cheek's "Vine."

  4. Gia5

    Myron Walden: "Like a Flower seeking the Sun". Check it out.

  5. jorgemg1984

    Brian Blade Season of Changes

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  6. smoke

    He plays his ass off on Barney McAll's Flashback.

  7. thedwork

    a 2nd on the Walden, and a big 3rd for the Cheek. i'd say the Cheek recording is simply something any modern jazz lover would do well to own. near classic...

  8. thedwork

    and i forgot to mention my favorite Rosenwinkel as sideman record: Rebecca Martin's Middlehope. classic! and then of course, Once Blue...

  9. gleepglop

    Mark Turner: Yam Yam, Ballad Session
    Chris Cheek: I Wish I Knew
    Seamus Blake: The Call

    +1 on Seamus "Stranger Things . . ." and McCall's "Flashback".

  10. arewolfe

    The Joel Frahm gigs that are available to stream on the Smalls website are pretty sick.

    And this isn't Kurt as a sideman, but if you haven't heard the versions of Nemesis recorded at Smalls in August 2008 I recommend going there immediately and listening. Those sets are insanely good. Peaceful Warrior, Zhivago, Use of Light, A Life Unfolds... all amazing stuff. Kendrick Scott is the man.

    August 19th, set 1... Nemesis is 38 minutes in:
    They play another drawn out version of it at the end of the 2nd set. The next night it's in the 2nd set around 45 minutes in.

  11. jbroad

    seamus blake- the call
    jakob dinesen- everything will be allright
    chris potter- vertigo
    chris cheek- vine

  12. kutu

    Matt Pennman - The Unquiet
    Mark Turner - Dharma Days
    Chris Cheek - Vine
    are all great but my personal favourite is: Fellowship - Season of Changes.

    Not just because of Kurt's performance but the whole album is so special for me. I had never listened to any solo album from Myron Walden but "Fellowship" and "Kurt factor", together, gave a sudden urge to listen to "Like a flower seeking the sun".


  13. Neither

    Mark Turner - Dharma Days
    Matt Pennman - The Unquiet
    Chris Cheek - Vine
    Matthias Lupri - Same Time Twice

    The last one features Kurt playing incredible solos with acoustic guitar.

  14. jbear

    Roman Ott's Inner Shape is terrific and Ott is a fantastic sax player. There is a stellar version of El Gaucho on You Tube...I wish it was on the CD. It'd be fantastic to be able to have that session on a CD.

  15. themawt71

    all of the human feel records. would still love to find more live shows of them. they were real good live too.

    i would love to hear more of kurt's "free" side. (tho he seems relatively free in a broader sense most of the time)

  16. lagrange

    Thanks for the tips...especially Season of Changes.
    First saw Kurt here in Ottawa about 5-6 yrs ago.....then back again.
    His version of Aaron Park's Nemesis on an NPR live session was killer
    His work on Mama Rosa - few tracks...was superb.


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