Best Online Lessons?

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  1. piggyfly0000

    I wanted to start a thread where you guys can post the best online jazz lessons thats on the web. It can be free or paid. Here, I'll start. I personally think Jake Hertzogs' videos are the best on youtube.
    Check it!
    also check out tim's videos as well!

  2. washabaugh

    For me it's been my ~$20/month to Jimmy Bruno's Guitar Workshop. It's an amazing service and a completely solid education that has delivered huge results for me. That said....I've been working very hard with the isn't a magic system that you can digest without work.

    Jimmy is hands down the best teacher I've ever had....even if it is only in a virtual environment. He has a unique approach to connecting mind, fingers, with music. He has a solid system in place to learn the jazz language and to access all of its potential sounds.

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  3. jazznan

    Barry Greene's videos are great

  4. jaqojazz

    I am currently working on free lessons that I'll post to my youtube channel but if anyone's interestaed in one on one lessons via skype you can check me out here

  5. Sandemose

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    I like the unflashy attitude, just nice playing.

    Best, Sandemose

  6. mattbray
    Dixon is a great teacher and incredible player. Check out his youtube channel too - 'dragondix'. He has a wealth of ideas and knowledge.


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  7. Yup... You've made me type dragon dix



  10. Yes

  11. Gesture

    I found Dave Weiner (guitarist of Steve Vai) to have great lessons called 'Riff of the week'. He's stopped making new free video's on youtube though, so if you want more you'll have to pay like 1 buck a lesson on his site.
    He has a more rock point of view, but has a lot of very interesting ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

  12. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Tim miller site. His book with Goodrick is cool. In the sample clips he seems super calm and clear. He rips. And it seems like he put some time into putting together his seemingly extensive site. I believe in other threads those who have paid to geti , found it worth it. If I prioritized my cash differently or at least after certain expenses and goodies get squared away , I would check it out for sure.

  13. smoke

    Tim's lessons are top notch. I have been a member off and on since it opened. I am 'off' now but only because I have a lot to work on. Kind of one of the downsides of this type of set up - there is so much to work on. I highly recommend people checking it out for a month and seeing the type of modern improv material he presents.

  14. jazznan

    Just signed up for Barry Greene's new subscription lessons and he does a Kurt tune, bonus (full access 19.95 a month)

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