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Best Online Lessons?

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  1. piggyfly0000

    I wanted to start a thread where you guys can post the best online jazz lessons thats on the web. It can be free or paid. Here, I'll start. I personally think Jake Hertzogs' videos are the best on youtube.
    Check it!
    also check out tim's videos as well!

  2. washabaugh

    For me it's been my ~$20/month to Jimmy Bruno's Guitar Workshop. It's an amazing service and a completely solid education that has delivered huge results for me. That said....I've been working very hard with the isn't a magic system that you can digest without work.

    Jimmy is hands down the best teacher I've ever had....even if it is only in a virtual environment. He has a unique approach to connecting mind, fingers, with music. He has a solid system in place to learn the jazz language and to access all of its potential sounds.

  3. jazznan

    Barry Greene's videos are great

  4. jaqojazz

    I am currently working on free lessons that I'll post to my youtube channel but if anyone's interestaed in one on one lessons via skype you can check me out here

  5. Sandemose

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Video Player

    I like the unflashy attitude, just nice playing.

    Best, Sandemose

  6. mattbray
    Dixon is a great teacher and incredible player. Check out his youtube channel too - 'dragondix'. He has a wealth of ideas and knowledge.


  7. Yup... You've made me type dragon dix



  10. Yes

  11. Gesture

    I found Dave Weiner (guitarist of Steve Vai) to have great lessons called 'Riff of the week'. He's stopped making new free video's on youtube though, so if you want more you'll have to pay like 1 buck a lesson on his site.
    He has a more rock point of view, but has a lot of very interesting ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

  12. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Tim miller site. His book with Goodrick is cool. In the sample clips he seems super calm and clear. He rips. And it seems like he put some time into putting together his seemingly extensive site. I believe in other threads those who have paid to geti , found it worth it. If I prioritized my cash differently or at least after certain expenses and goodies get squared away , I would check it out for sure.

  13. smoke

    Tim's lessons are top notch. I have been a member off and on since it opened. I am 'off' now but only because I have a lot to work on. Kind of one of the downsides of this type of set up - there is so much to work on. I highly recommend people checking it out for a month and seeing the type of modern improv material he presents.

  14. jazznan

    Just signed up for Barry Greene's new subscription lessons and he does a Kurt tune, bonus (full access 19.95 a month)

  15. My Name is Douglas, and I am from Brazil

    I create a website with informations about 7 and 8 strings guitars.

  16. Guitar Jazz

    Hello everybody,

    Since I am a big fan of Jazz guitar and committed to teaching I would like to share with you that the Conservatoy of Amsterdam offers since a couple of weeks the possibility to musicians to access online the curriculum of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Kurt was also part of our program as guest artist, it was simply fantastic! if you are interested please have a look to these online courses:
    They offer a structured learning path, including weekly personal feedback with video exchange and the possibility to earn a certificate.
    have a nice day

  17. fakejake

    In case someone is interested, I bought the new Adam Rogers masterclass recently, and I didn't like it that much. The production was pretty bad, no menu, no option of selecting or jumping to certain topics or parts. The material he presented seemed random, no thread running through the exiercises he presented. Also there wasn't really anything new to me. I was quite disappointed.

  18. docbop

    I'm very interested in the education side Jazz having attended to schools and worked at one for a few years. I have tried many of the online teachers and sites to check them out. Whether it is a physical school or a online the student is the key not the teacher(s) the teachers are a resource, but the real answers come from time in the woodshed playing and listening. Your ear has some many answers, but people keep looking to told an answer that their ear can answer faster. Also a lot to be learned from other instruments lessons. I've learned so much Jazz improv lately from piano and sax lessons.

    I like:
    Sheryl Bailey Truefire Sherpa program.
    Barry Greene
    Tim Miller
    Ted Greene site
    Mikes Master Classes especially Steve Herberman's videos.
    JazzHeaven especially the Lage Lund and Jerry Bergonzi lessons

    I do not like:
    Jimmy Bruno
    The most of the YouTube lessons

    The problem with YouTube and many online sites they are like cheating on a test, someone is giving you a quick and dirty answer to a question. What is missing is why is it the answer. Also many instead of trying to find an answer on their own hit youtube for a quick answer, and if lucky they learn the one thing, but when you start by getting in the woodshed and trying to figure things on your own or doing some analysis you always end up learning more than just the one thing. Especially in music most the learning comes from the process of discovering the answer.

    Now there are some good youtubes. Hal Galper, Barry Harris, and Kurt's Gdansk clinic especially the chord melody video. Victor Wooten in one of his books talks about how no one can teach you anything what good teachers do is point you in the right direction to find the answer.

    "Practice is the best of all instructors." - Publilius Syrus

  19. Thanks for the head's up on Rogers' video fakejake. I'm bummed to hear it fell flat, Rogers is one of my favorites. Did you purchase both parts 1 and 2 in the series? At the risk of sounding arrogant, I'm finding a lot of the video lessons I purchase don't seem to present much new material. I suspect the artists are holding something back—there seems like a big leap from the material they present to when they start shredding. :S

  20. fakejake

    Yeah I bought both. I also really dig his playing, but that masterclass was a fail imo. Good recent ones I saw were the one by Lage Lund (this one is really excellent in every regard) and the one by Nir Felder on MyMusicMasterclass, although it suffers from the same bad presentation as the Adam Rogers one.

  21. jazznan

    Can anyone review the Kreisberg lessons? I'm sure they're good...just wanting a bit of feedback

  22. docbop

    Jazznan I found the JK class pretty basic rhythmic exercises using a standard and playing simple bass and the melody, then shifting the melody over rhythmically further and further So its stuff many probably haven't done He moves on to doing the same kind of thing with chords with simple bass and chord rhythms changing. Then moving on to play 3 against 4. If someone hasn't spent time working on rhythms and wants a series of exercises they will benefit.

    FakeJake I diagree with you assessment of the Adam Rogers class. First the video production is good for inexpensive classes, there are others that have fully menus and such, but cost two, three times as much and some take months even years for the videos to come out. As to the material Adam teaches a lot and I think his class is covering basic fretboard technique to develop an organized view of the fretboard based on Segovia scales. So it's not an advanced video it basic fretboard technique and practice techniques that I think a lot can use. Too many their fretboard knowledge is a patch work of approaches they got from watching a tons of YouTube. Last and I guilty of this too we get a video from a name musician and expect advanced insights and approaches, but the video is more on fundamentals so we are let down I have found thought most the time even talking fundamentals I can find some views and exercises that are beneficial to me Everyone's knowledge is like Swiss cheese with varying number and size of holes, so even simple classes will help fill in some holes or offer a different viewpoint of familiar material

  23. jazznan
    Member specific study of rhythm is continuing to improve as I work on it, so this would be helpful for me (I have the Hoenig classes and I'm working through those). Thanks again!

    I was thinking of moving on to the Modern Jazz Guitar II from Tom Lippincott, now that I've finished I. Any reviews? Thanks

  24. jorgemg1984

    I have the JK masterclasses and I wouldn't call them basic at all.. docbop would love to see you playing the melody of a standard displaced rhythmically plus the bass at the same time. It's not only about rhythm but also about counterpoint.

    It's quite different from the Hoening stuff which are generic rhythmic exercises anyone can benefit - JK's masterclass is much more guitar centred. The only thing I wish is he had talked about other stuff than rhythm, don't see the need for the two masterclasses... a lot of the stuff he talks about you can get by transcribing him, I guess.

    I liked the Adam Rogers masterclasses and proves working on fundamentals is very important. I wish he had talked more about transcribing.

    Anyone has an opinion on the Abercrombie lessons?

  25. jbroad

    the abercrombie lessons are good but he addressed the same subjects in the "jazz guitar improvisation" video that he did 20 years ago

  26. jorgemg1984


  27. jazznan

    Thanks for the reviews...sounds like overall JK and AR lessons are definitely worth it. Has anyone worked through all of Tom Lippincott's Modern Jazz Guitar? I'm only on the first one

  28. Gia5

    jazznan, I've worked through all the Lippincott's Modern Jazz guitar exept the first one (wanna trade? ;) )
    Let me tell you they changed my playing and my skills of visualization deeply, especially the 2nd one. I highly suggest it. You can work 3 years only with volume 2.


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