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Best Recent Jazz Records

(30 posts)
  1. What are everyone's favorite recent jazz records with guitar players or without? No kurt please, we already know his records are good. I'm looking for new stuff to check out.

    anybody wanting something good should buy:

    Jaleel Shaw, Perspective
    Jerome Sabbagh, Pogo
    Lage Lund, Early Songs



  2. Colonel Trane

    This probably won't help you but Chris Potter's new one Ultrahang is really good. Adam Rogers also has a new one out that I dig but it's name escapes me.

  3. got them both, they are killing

  4. Colonel Trane

    I assumed you would but posted just in case

  5. jbroad

    vijay iyer- historicity
    barney mcall- flashbacks
    jeff tain watts- watts
    david torn- prezens
    matt pavolka- something people can use
    phronesis- organic warfare
    wolfgang muthspiel- earth mountain
    wayne krantz- krantz carlock lefebvre

  6. add4

    adam rogers last record is 'sight' if i'm not mistaken.

  7. Neither

    If I don't write names of albums feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel, I'd say, quickly and as it comes to mind, for recent jazz records with guitar players :

    * David Sanchez - Cultural Survival
    * Marcus Strickland - Twi Life
    * Jaleel Shaw - Perspective
    * Ingrid Jensen - At Sea
    And everything feat. Lage Lund (see his discography here : ; you must add this missing album : Lage Lund - Romantic Latino For Ladies)

    * Mike Moreno – Between the Lines
    * Phil Stöckli - Third Eye
    * Marcus Strickland - Open Reel Deck
    * Aaron Parks - Invisible Cinema
    * Jimmy Green - Gifts And Givers
    And everything featuring Mike Moreno (see his discography here : )

    * Ari Hoenig – Bert's Playground
    (feat. Jonathan Kreisberg & Gilad Hekselman)

  8. Sandemose

    Im really sorry for going a bit off topic here. I second Wayne Krantz (carlock, lefebvre etc). Its wicked. But my favorite record this year, all categories is:

    Alice in Chaings "Black gives way to blue" (<--beutiful title as well!). Elton John plays some piano on the title track dedicated to late Wayne Staley. I was extreamly moved by this record.

    Sorry for going off topic guys,

    Best, Sandemose

  9. Peter Bernstein Trio "Monk". Fantastic!

  10. denjz

    Cultural Survival by David Sanchez (this one is my personal favorite!!!!)
    Season Of Changes - Brian Blade Fellowship
    Mama Rosa - Brian Blade
    Words Unspoken - Gilad Hekselman
    Live at Louis 649 - Eli Degibri Trio (with Gary Versace and Obed Calvaire)
    Now vs Now - Jason Lindner

  11. neither, where the hell did you find romantic latino for ladies? I had heard about that album but haven't see it anywhere. Is it really good?

  12. Neither

    Hey, Denjz, Season Of Changes - Brian Blade Fellowship & Mama Rosa - Brian Blade feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel ! I'll put the hand on your others suggestions, as on all suggestions made here.
    DLighto1, I bought Romantic Latino on eBay some time ago. It's an album produced in Japan.
    See here
    There are a lot of tracks played on acoustic guitar on this album and it's a good album. It seems to be produced for japanese people and to be an "album de commande" (I don't know how to say in english !). Feat. Aaron Goldberg on Piano, Matt Brewer on Bass & Rodney Green on Drums.

  13. Redbeard

    Lage Lund "Early Songs"
    Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos "Filtros"
    Todd Sickafoose "Tiny Resistors"
    Barney McAll "Flashbacks"
    Christian Scott "Live at Newport"
    Miguel Zenon "Esta Plena"
    Roman Ott "Seeing People"
    Joe Martin "Not By Chance"
    Stanley Clarke "Jazz in the Garden" (album art is terrible though)
    Myron Walden "Momentum" (at least everything I've heard so far)

  14. Colonel Trane

    Neither mentioned Aaron Goldberg his album Worlds is really great.

  15. jazznan

    Keith Jarrett "Testament"
    John Abercrombie "Wait till you see her"
    Bill Frisell "Disfarmer"
    Arvo Part "In Principio" (off topic sorry)

  16. Benny

    Tomasz Stanko Quintet - 'Dark Eyes'
    Will Vinson - 'Promises'
    Fly - 'Sky and Country'
    Egberto Gismonti - 'Saudacoes'
    Portico Quartet - 'Isla'
    Carla Bley - 'Carla's Christmas Carols'
    The Monterey Quartet (Holland/Potter/Rubalcaba/Harland) - 'Live at the 2007 Monterey Jazz Festival'
    Kurt Elling - 'Dedicated to You: Kurt Ellings Sings the Music of Coltrane and Hartman'
    Enrico Rava - 'New York Days'

  17. Wolfgang Muthspiel 4tet - Earth Mountain
    Mike Stern - Big Neighborhood
    Esperanza Spalding - Esperanza
    Quartet Live - Gary & Pat
    Beyond Standard - Hiromi's Sonicbloom

  18. add4

    I don't understand 1 single % of what they're playing, but love the new cd of the belgian band named "Octurn".
    I found this link yesterday
    it's one of their gig, and i was like 'omg omg omg omg' when listening to it.
    (the site says the gigs are available for 7 days and i don't know how much time it will stay online...)
    i find that music .... just incredible. These guys are reinventing new ways of playing music.

  19. Maciek Grzywacz - Fourth Dimension
    Wayne Krantz - Krantz Carlock Lefebvre

  20. hitdoggie

    I really liked the Aaron Park's album "Invisible Cinema."

    The new Robert Glasper disc was also really great, IMO.

    Just bought Lage Lund's record the other day...really cool stuff there too.

  21. Jacam Manricks "Labyrinth" !!!

    A f@$#ing mindblowing album that features Ben Monder.

  22. nateroberts

    I think most have these have been said already but:

    Vijay Iyer Trio - Historicity
    Adam Rogers - Sight (and literally every other record he's ever made as a leader or sideman)
    Brian Blade Fellowship - Season of Changes (Kurt's on this, not sure if it's not allowed?)
    Avishai Cohen Trio - Gently Disturbed (Really sick.)
    Joshua Redman - Compass (only Saxophone double trio album I'M aware of - really nice stuff and Brian Blade kills it.)
    Rudresh Mahanthappa's Indo-Pak Coalition - Apti (with Rez Abbasi on guitar - really cool stuff)
    Eldar - Virtue (this kid is SO rare)
    Ben Monder - Oceana (not recent but ever-so incredible.)
    Branford Marsalis Quartet - Footsteps of Our Fathers (Also not all that recent but UNBELIEVABLE version of a love supreme. Really moving stuff. Joey Calderazzo and Tain Watts tear it up as usual.)

    Thanks for all the other suggestions guys - there's some stuff in these lists I'm really pumped to check out.

    - nate

  23. Redbeard

    Hey Benny, thanks for recommending Tomasz Stanko's 'Dark Eyes.' I just imported it ... one of his best ... I love it!

  24. Benny

    Redbeard, if you like the guitarist Jakob Bro's playing on 'Dark Eyes', check his own albums: He always gets amazing musicians to play with him! Frisell/Konitz/Motian/Rosenwinkel/Turner/Cheek etc etc

  25. Benny

    I forgot to recommend Jonathan Kreisberg's latest disc, 'Night Songs'.

  26. Redbeard

    Thanks again, Benny! I have Kreisberg's previous CD, but not his latest. I'll look for that and Jakob Bro next. You're probably already aware of him, but Gilad Hekselman is another young guitarist to watch.

  27. hitdoggie

    I am going to go a little off topic since someone mentioned Jakob Bro...I always really enjoyed his playing

    Look what I found Kurt & JAkob

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Video Widget

    on a side note I want an Eric Harland album...that tune "Treachery" is perpetually stuck in my head.

  28. Drew

    Does anyone still have Lund's Romantic Latino? I've looked all over for it and can't find it anywhere (except imported for $40+).

  29. jorgemg1984

    Give me your e-mail :)

  30. Drew

    Thanks a million!


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