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  1. david6strings

    I've never heard opininions on band in a boxin this forum. i have bought the jazzpaks (not all of them) and i am amazed of its sound. for me it is a very good tool for study. you can play over harmonic movements with real band sounds, even you can practice fours with the drummer. the only problem is since they are not real vst's you cant asign a real sound to a midi melody. but the program are great. it creates comping and solos with real sounds on the style you have and is really easy to learn vocabulary because as you know you can slowdown tempo and transpose instantly. worth every penny. it s not a band or a play along but its great.
    yeah i'm a biab fan. that jazzpaks are amazing

  2. silverwater

    I'm a biab fan too, for a practice tool. The Real Tracks sound pretty damn amazing, considering all you have to do is type in the chords, set the style, and choose a tempo. What exactly do you mean by jazzpaks? Do you mean the Real Tracks that specifically pertain to Jazz?

  3. david6strings

    yes i mean the real tracks that are choosen and offered as a download package, there are 7 jazz packages, there are other styles packs like country etc... this:

    you can buy separately each of the realtracks or realdrums inside the packs of course

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