Bill Frisell's A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall

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  1. elpelp

    Hello everybody!

    A few years ago, somebody uploaded to youtube a tune played by Frisell's trio live.
    This performance was AMAZING, I think it's one of the most moving pieces of music i've ever heard. This version was about 10 minutes long, with Bill playing his magical stuff, with both clean and overdriven tele-sounds.

    This video was removed from youtube because of copyright issues (it had some clips from Werner Herzog's movies).


    I've only found other Bill's renditions to the tune, both live and studio-recorded, but I can't still find the one I'm looking for.

    Have you heard it? Have anybody downloaded this version from YT?

    I'm desperated!

    Thank you all in advance, sorry if I messed it up with the english (I'm from Latin America)

  2. I remember the version you speak of, but unfortunately it was indeed removed. I agree that the performance was special, but then again, Bill Frisell is my hero. :)



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