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  1. jdobermans

    Hey everyone,

    I have been reading this forum for a while now, and I am really enjoying it. This is my first time actually posting something, however.

    I have been getting into Bill McHenry's playing a lot. I am really interested in what he is doing. I'm hearing so many simple, beautifully executed ideas.

    I have watched this video a few times now, and am wondering if anyone has any insight into what he is doing here. Was anyone at this class? Anyone know someone who was there? Anyone transcribe it? (I should get on that ASAP)

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    Thanks a lot!

    P.S. Does anyone know if Kurt has played with Bill? That would be beautiful.

  2. jbroad

    it sounds like he's demonstrating how all 12 notes will work against any pedal tone. i was at a tim hagans masterclass a few years back and he was talking about the same thing

  3. jdobermans

    hmm, that sounds interesting

  4. Matt

    unrelated, but thought i should share -



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