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Billy Bean

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  1. I've been listening to a lot of Billy Bean lately...just wondering why there are so many good Philly guys????

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  2. jazzbum

    Yeah man!!! Billy Bean was insane. Those lines sound so effortless. Pretty sure he studied with Dennis Sandole - who wrote Guitar Lore. I have that book, but haven't spent a ton of time with it - very technique heavy.

    This Philly Guitarist, Seth Greenberg wrote a book on him:
    Price is a bit steep, but I guess there Billy's manuscripts published in there. Haven't ponied up the dough yet.

    If you haven't checked out "The Trio" with Hal Gaylor and Walter Norris, I highly recommend it.

    Billy was one of the first jazz guitarists I ever heard, after that sometimes it was hard to listen to anyone else play 8th note bebop on guitar.

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    His tone just blows me away on that Gretsch. I believe he used some pretty sweet weird 1950's tube amp too. Like this awesome thing:




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