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  1. Gesture

    Do you guys have any listening suggestions for great playing over blues? I'm actually having a pretty hard time with playing the blues so I thought transcribing some good players might help me. I'm not looking for anything too hip. I'd like too dig deeper in the more or less "traditional" kind of harmonies and vocabulary. Right now I'm checking out some coltrane stuff.
    So if anyone has some listening advice that would be great!


  2. Gesture

    Wait I take that back; I'd love to hear some great hip playing too!

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  3. Poparad

    I've learned a lot from conventional blues guitarists themselves, like BB King, Albert King, Stevie Ray, etc. Grant Green is a very blues-rooted jazz guitarist.

  4. aramaya

    George Benson's early albums like the Cookbook. Wes Montgomery's Fullhouse or any other record. Joe Pass.

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  5. fakejake

    Jimmy Smith's 'Six views on the blues' is a great record. Kenny Burrell plays by the book on this one, but with a looooot of style

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  6. callum

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  7. jazzbum

    I would check out Jackie McLean - Bluesnik. An excellent album of all blues tracks - one of those 1960s blue note records that is just great from start to finish.

    The track "If" from Unity, that Woody Shaw, Joe Henderson, Elvin Jones, Larry Young record is a killin' modern blues. One of my favorite tracks of all time.

    You may also want to check out the Lester Young Trio record with Nat Cole on Piano. I learned the solo from Back to the Land on there, beautiful playing. Prez has a way of eliminating all the bullshit.

    Check out Sonny Rollins' solo on Blue Seven from Saxophone Colossus - another beautiful example of blues playing in jazz.

    If you want to get into some old school stuff, I'd advise checking out Albert King. Check out the track Blues Power on Youtube.

    Elmore James - Dust My Broom is a favorite blues track of mine, also Howlin' Wolf - Killing Floor. John Lee Hooker - Groundhog Blues, or Boogie Chillun. Not that transcribing these would be optimal if you are playing jazz blues, but they will give you an idea of the real essence of blues playing. Explore the roots a bit, it can't hurt.

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  8. Quintricacy

    Freddie Hubbard's solo on Birdlike from Ready for Freddie has everything you need to know about a blues.


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