Bobby Selvaggio - Grass Roost Movement/Feat Nir Felder!

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  1. jazzacast55

    Hey Guys, thought I might just mention this album I got the other day, a sax player named Bobby Selvaggio, kinda Chris potter underground vibe, great album and playing by all.
    The main reason I got this was that Nir was on it and he is great on thi withs plenty of time for him to shine, I would recommend this to and one especially fans of Nir!

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  2. Benny

    There's a full Nir Felder studio session on NPR's website:

  3. smoke

    Thanks for the heads up. I picked it up this weekend and it really sounds great. Nir is all over it and gets lots of space to stretch out. It is great to hear him get that much room to play. You get a nice feel for his concept since most of the tunes are vamp-y/funky type songs.

  4. jazzacast55

    Yeah it's really great to hear him play, I've been transcribing some of his stuff on one of the funk tunes and it's nuts!
    I can't tell if it's just random or if it's patterns or if he is just hearing it that way, not that it matters!
    Also, Benny I have the NPR studio session and the Greg Osby set also, cheers

  5. smoke

    He uses some really great diminished patterns quite a bit. He can seemingly play those sounds coming in or out of just about anywhere.

    If you haven't yet, check out his playing w/ Adam Niewood. There are a ton of live recordings of him around the middle of the page. He plays like a madman.

  6. jazzacast55

    Hey thanks Smoke, Yeah I've checked out the Adam Niewood recordings, they are great and it's really cool to hear him play over some standards!
    Have you checked out Nir with the Kung fu masters? check them out on youtube, it's awesome!
    I've found some of the diminished stuff, some of the chromatic stuff, that just blows my mind, he has such control over it

  7. Matt

    nir is a pretty crazy player. i'd like to know how all these guys get so good! it's crazy.


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