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    Hi Kurt and everyone,

    I wonder if there's gonna be a book on harmony written by Kurt. It's still a project or is it soon gonna be released?

  2. wommusic
    Key Master

    Yeah, Kurt's method book has been 75% finished for a few years now lol. No promises but hopefully sometime in 2010...Kurt's touring and recording schedule keeps interfering with his ability to finish it. The good news is that perhaps he'll come up with some new tricks in the meantime....

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  3. Sandemose

    I would love to have a method book by Kurt, but I think a instructional video would work out great as well. Dont know how intreseting Kurt find the DVD-format. It can be quite 80s cheesy as well I guess. Still, I loved those short interview clips on youtube from Mezzo (they┬┤re removed now, sadly) where Kurt talks about imporvisation and composition. The words were as beutiful as his playing. Instructional video or not...first things first...but I can always hope...



  4. Neither

    Is it a method exploring only the harmony on guitar or is it a method speaking about this part of jazz guitar and about other things (like single note solo playing, combining chords and single notes in solos,improvisation, technic, fingerings, pentatonics...) ?


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