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Book practice rotation thoughts.

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  1. I was looking at my shelf last night and noticed that there are books that I've checked out at various levels of thoroughness( from very- to "i'll get around to it") type spectrum. I thought about aside from a particular book or couple books getting more focus to try to maybe do some lightning roundish protracted shopping spree approach with my whole library. It would involve having a piece of paper to use as a bookmark and to log the date for each book and then maybe a couple of times a week giving myself a solid brut force hour to spend literally five minutes working through a book from the beginning ( or where I last left off ) doing nothing other than playing the examples , reading the music or executing whatever the book suggests ( with no judgement or time for any rationalization - just doing it. When the 5 minutes pass, grab the next book and repeat the process. My hope is that I will expose myself to the raw material of the books and that I may see things other than why I may have initially bought the book.i would still work at a more normal digestive pace through a curious if anyone has tried this or thinks its counterproductive or downright stupid.
    ... Also I just wanted to start a new topic- ( with all due respect to everyone's interests and avenues for exploration ) I kind of got tired of seeing posts about a particular night at a certain venue and the recording or if anyone has the set list or titles and if people are willing to share it and here's my email, etc...
    Is starting to get that grateful dead / phish vibe here.

  2. gleepglop

    Of course everyone's a little different, but I find that for most things it works best for me to pick a small topic and work on it consistently and thoroughly until it's internalized, so I don't know about the rotation approach.

    Still a good idea to keep track of what you did and when, but I know the process you outlined above would be counterproductive for me.

    On the other hand, a big part of practicing is figuring out how best for you to practice so if you think this would help you, try it for a while and see how you feel after a couple of weeks.

  3. animitta

    Don't know...i am a so lazy man...i just take little piece of informations and i go from there...everything become musical accordingly with my absolute personal opinion and judgement about it...I own a lot of books, no one can teach you how to play, i think.Personally, i use really tiny bit of information...and i still suck by the way (like my english)....and i try to use that information consciously and unconsciously....Seeking for new informations, i often find myself jumping from a book to another...knowing that if i am changed, humanly, that book will give me a different perception...if i am the same, i will "gain" nothing from that...i can read it one million times...practice it one million will always be a "dead" information for gain for me is not related to the practical value, it's about something you learn and that change your all conception of life...surely not all of these "essentials informations" wait inside the books...many recording has what can teach us something, at least to listen better, maybe...
    As i said before,i don't know....I am still trying to learn something new...playing something new...something i have never heard before..that must be probably me...

    All the Best

  4. silverwater

    I feel like going quickly never benefits me (I can be a real slow learner sometimes), but everyone learns differently Floatingbridge, so that technique could be useful for you or others. Also, I feel if you learn one thing a week or even a month that contributes directly to improving your playing, it's that's pretty damn good.

    The best thing way I've found to learn something is to explain it to someone else I think, so I'm building a section on my website focused on harmonic theory and about playing guitar in general, that hopefully some people can find useful. It's probably around 50% completed so I may regret offering it up for critique, but if anyone has any feedback, like pointing out where I'm full of s***, or where something isn't explained very well, I'd greatly appreciate it! (Formatting sucks, I know)

    Harmonic theory/Practice Ideas

  5. gleepglop

    Silverwater, looks like you're doing a nice job . . . one thing, I understand wanting to put your cd on there but it really slows down the page loading to the point of making the site work less well; you should find an alternative bit of code or something.

    Also, I think the following pentatonic is also widely used and could be added to your list: 1 2 b3 5 6 (the other m6 pentatonic)

  6. silverwater

    Yeah thanks gleepglop, that's exactly the kind of thing I wanted to hear. Having to reload the same stuff over and over is exactly the kind of thing that keeps me away from a site, and I eventually would like to make it into something people would want to check out.

    I've got that Pentatonic sound in there already, except from the b3 of yours (Lydian Pentatonic) 1 3 #4, 6 7

  7. jorgemg1984

    I would say

    1 Organize your brain - it's amazing how people sometimes don't know the foundations of harmony / voice-leading / music theory

    2 Know the fretboard - put your brain in your fingers

    3 Develop your own voice - put your ears in your fingers

    I like a middle term in my practice - studying say 3 or 4 topics at the same time (some are long term stuff others shot term stuff). More than this I loose my focus and less I am wasting too much time on only one thing (which can be good from time to time). Right now I am focusing in 1) ear training 2) transcribing 3) technique, time, speed with scale patterns 4) learning new tunes with a system developed by me 5) Language (small licks or ideas like triads, pentatonics, II V, diminished runs ...) 6) Composing 7) Working on specific difficulties I have found on my playing. Of these I might select 3 or 4 at a given time.

    There are some books that helped me but I developed my own system of practicing with the help of a teacher and it's rare for me to look into books these days - but I have a word file where I put every new exercise I see in a book or someone tells me.

  8. It was to go through and et the most out of the material I have yet to examine in the books tat have not et received much attention. I will attempt to organize my brain more ( however you actually don't know what I do or don't know about the fundamentals { or beyond } aspects of harmony ). That being said, yes there is always more ways in which I can connect internalize and improve.

  9. jorgemg1984

    Anders I was not talking about you specifically, I was talking my experience in teaching...Lots of people just "sort of know" harmony. If your brain is organized then it's all about knowing the instrument and the ear! What books are you talking about in particular?


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