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  1. Anders,

    How do you and Kurt feeling about audience taping of Kurt's shows? I furtively and nervously taped a few sets of Kurt's at the Showcase in Chicago and am feeling conflicted. I want to respect Kurt's wishes but with the stuff Kurt was playing on Saturday and Sunday I feel like it would be a crime not to post it on the internet. Did you ever consider maybe and archive of bootlegs on this site?

  2. Krish

    i dont know what id do with myself if i didnt have that Smalls 1999 trio bootleg. :)

  3. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey Guys - thanks for posting about this important issue! I think if you just ask Kurt and myself about bootlegs, then we understand that the recording and sharing of these, in 99% of the cases, comes purely from being enthusiastic about the music, which is of course very much appreciated! That kind of sharing is no different than what used to happen with cassette tapes back in the day when we grew up.

    However, there are also other issues to consider. It is first of all illegal for us to sanction the illegal distribution of other peoples copyrighted material. Sorry for that legalistic phrase! So that means, in the case of the music from the Jazz Showcase, that all those songs that aren't Kurt's own (meaning all of them except "East Coast Love Affair"), we can't legally allow anybody to distribute those without the copyright holders of the songs being compensated.

    Secondly, each venue, and indeed each musician who performs with Kurt, all have their own rules and level of enforcement of these rules to consider. At the Showcase, for instance, we had a fan who did not understand that it was annoying when he put his video camera right up in the faces (albeit from a distance) of the musicians performing - it is potentially very distracting for musicians who are trying to focus on the music and give the audience their all. The Showcase as well as the Village Vanguard, for instance, both have a strict no recording tolerated policy, and we ourselves need to adhere to this policy. That we feel is important as it can interfere with the gig itself.

    All of this legal stuff is good and fine. The fact is that there will be bootlegs, and the other fact is that many artists understand that they should be happy that people want to listen to their music. So while they might not be able to actively encourage it on their websites, they might be able to turn a very blind eye to it when they know it's all in good faith. ;-)

    Contact us
  4. Sandemose

    I always thougt this topic in to great extent circled around bandleaders opinion regarding bootlegs. How about the others guys in the band? I myself have some bootlegs with Kurt, one from Holland I think, with some of Kurts sickest playing Ive ever heard. Its so good I cant find words for it. I always thought that I missed that "live vibe" sometimes when listening to the studiorecordings but I realized that this is music supposed to be heard live. Then came "the Remedy" and all problems were solved for my part. When I heard that record all bootlegs became not as intresting as they were before it came out.

    Its not that hard to imagine how disturbing it would be if I was being filmed while I was playing. I would hate it. Definetly. But I would be to afraid telling pepple who did it, taking a risk of being concidered an a**hole for telling people I disliked being filmed. Audio recordings I guess arent as anoying (esp. if you arent aware that they are being made) but I guess that copyright thing is still an argument that it shouldnt be done.

    The best sollution is the Village Vanguard NRP shows were you can listen live, and even download sets as Mp3 files. I would definetly pay (if I had to). I think Smalls is even better when it comes to this:

    Check out the archive. Four concerts with Kurt are available (two sets each) for free via streaming. There are concerts with Jonathan Kreisberg, Mike Moreno, Lage Lund, Ben Monder, Gilad Hekselman (at least 20 concerts with Gilad) in there. Concerts can also be seen live via webcam. I dont know how to give Smalls the credit they deserve. That archive is a treasure for years to come...pure Win-Win situation...

    My (two?) cents....

    Best, Sandemose

  5. wommusic
    Key Master

    One thing you should know Sandemose, is that when we made the deal with NPR to allow these shows to be recorded, broadcast AND be downloadable, it was only possible because Kurt played all-original music ONLY. This could not have happened if there had been one standard in there, or anyway, that standard would have had to be left out. That's because of copyright issues. We are not allowed to give other peoples music away for free.

    But we were happy to give those shows away, even if, technically, it could be said that they "competed" with The Remedy. We didn't see it that way. We saw it as a gift to the fans + a chance for some new people to check out the music.....great for everybody! We know some record labels for some of the artists performing at the Vanguard would not allow for this to happen, and that is why we love just doing all of this ourselves. We don't have any third parties telling us we can't make a decision like that, which obviously makes sense on so many levels. Cause while we do need to make a living from this, and make our investments back, it's also really about just sharing and a sense of community.

    I hope you guys feel like we strike an ok balance on that stuff, and anyway, we expect to hear from you here if we don't! ;-)

  6. It's always been a contentious issue for me. On one hand, we do want to support the artists, which most of us do, (I make sure to buy every album from every artist I like), but on the other hand the idea of the "live vibe" sometimes doesn't translate to studio recordings, as mentioned. The Remedy and the NPR broadcast definitely changed things from my perspective. But, there is, for an instance, a really high quality bootleg circulating in internet-land from the Rotterdam 2008 show with Ben Street and Obed Calvaire that is just smokin'! It's got the trio playing Inner Urge, Turn Out the Stars, Larry Young's Backup, and a few other standards. Obviously this could not be legally endorsed since it's all standards. However, should we feel guilty about sharing that with other fans? All things considered, it's an extremely burning set with some excellent tunes we don't get to hear Kurt play very often, it really is a treat.

  7. Chicohen, do you think I could umm...get those bootlegs from you somehow? Maybe through email? Or on a website? I'd really love to hear it since I had to miss his gig in Montreal. Hope that's not a problem...

  8. wommusic
    Key Master

    No problems from here...;-)

  9. denjz

    I got a descent quality record from the Eilat jazz festival.All Kurt's original music except from two Aaron Parks' tunes.
    Anyone interested?

  10. cruxtable

    fo sho!

  11. Sandemose

    Denjz, yes of course I am! Let me know how to contact you...

    Best and warmest regards,


    Btw. I cant wait to buy the latest Kurt record. Of course Id like to get the record with cover and all, but I guess I´ll go for the download. Love the cover art as about "reflections". Great job, who ever made it.

  12. Redbeard

    Hi Anders! Let me repeat, any time it's legally possible to post downloads of any of Kurt's live performances, I would gladly pay for the privilege of buying them. I've seen many artists do this on their websites, charging a dollar or less per tune. Some even sell CD-Rs, which is preferable to me. This year I've listened to the NPR/Village Voice podcast at least a hundred times, but I'd PAY to hear .wav files instead of .mp3's. Same for the 8.20.08 show at Small's that streams over their website -- "Use of Light" gave me an eargasm.

    I understand this may be an impossible feat -- it takes lawyers and accountants to negotiate fees and licenses and pay royalties. Just wanted to keep the suggestion floating, especially if it means more financial support for artists, their managers and jazz clubs.

  13. I'd also be interested in that set denjz.

  14. wommusic
    Key Master

    A couple of answers. Sandemose, we are definitely going to do our best to allow people who only download the album to also get the artwork AND the booklet as PDF files. And we agree with you that it's a beautiful design. The "whoever" who did it is the same guy who designed the cover for "Heartcore" - namely Mr. Riccardo Vecchio. He is a great artist and you can find his website here: - which reminds me to add his website to our links. He is actually presently running an exhibit in Brooklyn that you should go check out if you have a chance!

    Regarding selling gig-shows - this one is for Redbeard: We are discussing this, but there's a lot that goes it it. Quality of recording, quality of performance, which songs were performed (all non-originals we can't just sell without paying copyright holders which might make it prohibitive especially in terms of accounting), whether these songs are the versions we want released etc etc. Lots of thought that goes into this. More later...

  15. NAS

    Could someone somehow contact me about info for some of the bootlegs everyone is talking about above? Im interested. Thanks.
    PS Saw Kurt at the Vanguard last month, best bday present Ive ever had!!! Definitely cant wait for the new album!

  16. denjz

    Here's the link to the Eilat show,enjoy!

    I wasn't sure about these two Aaron Parks tunes so I took them out (Too bad,Kurt's solo on Nemesis was killer!)

  17. Sandemose

    Yo, thanks for sharing Denjz! Best wishes,


  18. Thanks a lot denjz. These sound great!

  19. anders, thanks for taking the time to interact with us in this forum and thanks to kurt & yourself for being open minded.

  20. wommusic
    Key Master

    Oh, it's totally my pleasure, I am just part of the community as you guys are! We really appreciate that you guys come here to "hang"!

  21. NAS

    Hey Denjz and everyone, Ive been trying to download the show but it keeps downloading as a text edit format and its nothing but written gibberish. Wondering if anyone knows if Im doing something wrong. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks everyone!

  22. denjz

    I dunno...I just checked the link and it was downloaded more than 50 times since yesterday.

    Hey people,anyone else had the same problem?

    Those who got it,what do you think about the concert?

    If Anders gives me his permission I'll be glad to share the other two songs: Peaceful Warrior and Nemesis by Aaron Parks.
    I'm quite sure that 99% of folks here are guitar players that NEED to hear Kurt playing solo on Nemesis (one of his sickest solos ever!)

  23. denjz, outstanding show. surprisingly good sound. for those having trouble, for me it downloaded as a .rar archive so it just needed to be expanded. thanks so much.

    btw kurt's playing seems to continually evolve. some very hot playing ...

  24. hitdoggie

    I have never in all my years of listening to Kurt's music heard the head to turns -- just solos.


  25. Nuno
    Key Master

    Get the NPR Live At The Village Vanguard. The second set ends with a blistering version of "Turns" in pristine heavenly sound!

    available for download at:

  26. I would be extremely interested in any bootlegs people would be willing to share on here.

  27. Redbeard

    Check out and try to be very discreet. The site comes and goes.

  28. Anyone have the track listing for the aforementioned Smalls 1999 bootleg?

  29. cruxtable

    milestones, get out of town, satellite, and east coast love affair.

  30. shawnuff

    also: relaxin' at camarillo, when sunny gets blue, like sonny, pannonica (set 1)

    kurt seems to have some favourite standards he returns to repeatedly. what is it about those tunes kurt likes i wonder? (inner urge, the bop milestones, certain monk tunes)

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