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  1. Lasse S

    Here, with Kurt's approval..

    Kurt Rosenwinkel Quintet - Jazzclub Nefertiti, Göteborg, Sweden 2005:

    Kurt Rosenwinkel Quintet - Stanford, CA, USA, 2007:

    Kurt Rosenwinkel Quartet - Val de Fiemme, Italy 2007:

    Kurt Rosenwinkel Quintet - Village Vanguard, NY, USA, September 19th 2007:

    Kurt Rosenwinkel Quartet - Jazzclub Fasching, Stockholm 2002:

    Kurt Rosenwinkel Trio - Rotterdam, Netherlands, September 27th, 2008:

    There should be stuff for some weeks here.. :)

  2. hitdoggie

    That cut of Reflections on the last link is stunning. I can't wait for this album....well, I can wait now this will hold me over ;)

  3. denjz

    Wow,thanks so much!!!
    Stablemates from Italy is just SICK!!!!

  4. Sandemose

    Lasse S, if you are as I suspect from Sweden, all I can say is: you just did the biggest f*cking kulturgärning! Thank you so much for sharing (some of these bootlegs Ive had, but lost sadly some years ago, some of them are new) and thank you so much Kurt, for aproving it. Man, this can make me wait a few more days for the new record! Best, Sandemose

    P.S Haha, on the first set in the "Kurt Rosenwinkel Quintet - Stanford, CA, USA, 2007" concert, last song. Kurt play that pentatonic movement discussed under another topic (planing pentatonics on the wholetone scale). D.S

  5. Lasse S you're the mang!

  6. trim

    Thanks for all the bootlegs! Beautiful.

  7. Lasse S

    Glad you liked it, folks.. Will post more bootlegs in the future, if i get a chance to talk with Kurt about sharing some more gigs :) ..

    Sandemose: Jeg er fra Danmark, men forstår fint ordet :) ..

    Contact us
  8. mrzzajjazz

    Thanks a lot Lasse! This is just fantastic :)

  9. add4

    Hi Lasse,
    It seems that the link
    Kurt Rosenwinkel Quintet - Stanford, CA, USA, 2007:
    is not available anymore on mediafire (it says "This file is temporarily unavailable because there are no resources available under the owner's account".
    Would it be possible for you to look at what it is for a minute and try to fix it or share through another site?
    The other bootlegs sound so great i really want this one too :p
    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Thanks Lasse

    Any way I could get a track listing for the shows?

  11. jbear

    This may be a "dumb" question, do you open an .rar file?

  12. animitta

    you can use the following program to compress uncompress the .rar archive:

    7Zip : ( download , install and enjoy )

    All the Best

  13. nateroberts

    Holy shit - this is INCREDIBLE! How did I not find this earlier. You guys are amazing . . . thanks Kurt for the music and friends for sharing.

    - nate

  14. jbear

    Thank you! Forgive my "illiteracy." Can you burn these to play in the car on a CD player? Guess I need to get my kids (I'm a teacher) to teach me the in's and out's of the Ipod. You'd think an audiophile/musician (or wannabe) would know this stuff.

  15. jazznan

    anyone know a good program to convert .wma files into mp3's (for mac)


  16. jbroad

    itunes will do it

  17. jazznan

    really? could you explain it to me cause i can't get itunes to do it??? sorry

  18. jbroad

    itunes cannot use wma files so it will automatically convert them into mp3's, wav, mp4's, etc...

    go to edit- preferences- general

    click on "import settings" (there is a tab in the middle of the pop up box)

    under "import using" click on mp3 encoder (if you want mp3's)

    under "setting" you can choose the bitrate (i usually choose "custom" and then select 320 kbps)

    click ok

    then go to file- add folder to library

    here is where you select the folder that you want to add to itunes. since itunes can't use wma files it will ask you if you want to convert the wma's to mp3's

  19. tamz0r

  20. has anyone heard the recording from Nighttown in Cleveland this past fall that has surfaced?

  21. Poparad

    I was the the Cleveland show. The recording is from a friend of mine and I seeded it on Dimedozen. The quality turned out really well. I made a recording, too, but with inferior gear and I was seated a few rows farther back.

  22. evhan

    When did that show up on Dime? I keep a pretty keen eye on the shows but I can't seem to find it.

  23. Poparad

    I put it up about a month ago:

  24. mikelorenz

    can this cleveland show be shared somewhere other than dime-a-dozen? anders? i'd love to hear it!

  25. arewolfe

    Can anyone recommend a program for retrieving RAR files on a Mac? I haven't been able to open the file ('07 Vanguard) after I download it... Thanks.


  26. add4

    Hi arewolfe.
    I use Unrarx .
    It's not pretty but it should do the job.
    Have fun with the music :p

  27. arewolfe

    Thanks add4, that worked. Time to open the Christmas presents!!

  28. Claudiostro

    Hi, i can´t get some of the files, i get this message: "This file is currently set to private..." can anyone help me please, thanks!

  29. I too am wondering if these are still available...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  30. Sandemose

    I have all those bootlegs I think. You guys could email me via youtube and I could send you the stuff you havent got via megaupload or something. Right now I have crazy much going on with work and all, so please be patient if it will take some time...

    Best, Sandemose

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