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  1. Matt

    does anyone ever hit this phase of music boredom? i practice, i play, and i bore myself with my ideas; i listen to music and i can't focus. i'm not sure if i'm going crazy but how do you guys deal with this uncompromising state?

  2. fakejake

    Learn to sing and play a few Beatles songs. Works wonders!!

  3. JPMike

    Today, I am in no mood to study or practise.

    Just did my scales, my drop 2 chords and left the guitar on the stand. I feel bad. :(

  4. aramaya

    go read a book and then play music that suits the vibe. watch an interesting film. find some way to get different perspectives into your life (i am currently reading books on chinese history and persian history). inspiration doesn't just come from music.

  5. contremisart

    take a break, as long as it takes. go out, try things you aren't comfortable with. i like to cook in those situations.. and stay positive :)

  6. arewolfe

    I've taken as much as 6 weeks off of practicing in the past. Sometimes you just need a break to get back to that state of feeling really motivated about music again.

  7. wilmore

    read what mr goodrick has to say about that in the advancing guitarist.

  8. Pauli Poulsen

    You could try playing something other than the usual. Try studying a style you've been wanting to get more familiar with, country, funk, etc.

    I just bought my first classical guitar and am learning a piece for my final recital (at a non-classical focus college); it's very satisfying to play.

  9. add4

    get out, make some sport.
    break the musical rules:
    listen to people talk or everyday life noises and make rythms out of their sentences.
    select a small subset of notes from a scale derive chords and notes from this subset play with these notes only.
    write out a simple melody and a simple rhythm, with different number of notes, and put one on the other, see what happens.
    select your favourite standard and decide on which measures you'll play.

  10. jorgemg1984

    You need new gear Matt - just get a new amp, pedal or guitar :)


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