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  1. jorgemg1984


    I need a cheap good souding digital delay for my small pedalboard that is going to replace my Nova System (already sold). I already have a GE-7 with Monte Allums mods for a little EQ and boost and a RV-7 for some Hall Lexicon reverbs - the delay will be the last item on the pedalboard.

    I don't care much for analog settings and I will use this pedal in a digital setting it for adding space to reverb à la Rosenwinkel / Kreisberg / etc... I will go the used route - so Boss is the only option (otherwise TC Flashback and HW DL-8 would be my options; in fact I have the Flashback in the big pedalboard and love it).

    I have three options:

    1) DD-3 Japan for 80€ (he wasn't sure if a friend would kepp the pedal)
    2) DD-5 for 75€
    3) DD-7 for 90€

    Anyone has experience with all these pedals? The DD-3 fits the bill nicely but I am affraid of the 800ms limitations for some possible other uses in the future. The DD-7 does a lot more than the DD-5 for more 15e but I would just use the expression pedal function (and I have read about the DD-5 souding better). I know Kreisberg used the DD-3, Lage Lund the DD-5 and Gilad Hekselman the DD-7 so they all should fit the bill nicely but I would like to make the best purchase.

    All opinions are welcome, thanks in advanced!

  2. Poparad

    I've used all three, and owned several 5's and 7's. They all sound good, just with varying options. From what it sounds like you want to use it for, even the basic 3 will do what you need it to. You can buy them new for a lot cheaper than 80 Euro.

  3. jorgemg1984

    Yeah that's what I thought... I saw some DD-3 in the past here going for 50€ but the ones on sale now go for much more than that :/


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