Brad Mehldau - Teardrop

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  1. bingefeller

    I just found this and think it's incredible:

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    What do you guys think? I like how he plays a lot of modern songs in a jazzy style. This is my favourite though.

  2. lagrange

    Brad does fabulous cover material....Radiohead, Oasis, Beatles, you name it.......I check Youtube regularly to see if there are any new covers online. Legend has it that he has covered "God Only Knows"....I keep looking for it......

  3. guitar1025

    A few years ago he did an impromptu solo gig at Smalls in NYC. I was out of town but my girlfriend managed to go hear him. She said he closed the set with God Only Knows. I haven't heard it and don't know where (if at all) it's floating around!

  4. alain

    this one?

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  5. guitar1025

    YES!! Thanks for that!!

  6. Brad's been shedding some Steve Reich. Clearly evident!

  7. miss marple

    i think there are a lot of birds screaming in the background ant still he is so focused...incredible!


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