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  1. patfarlow

  2. jbroad

    chris cheek- vine

  3. jazzacast55

    I have all the Brian Blade fellowship band albums, they are possibly the best music I have in my collection, check them all out!

  4. elegaic cycle - brad mehldau
    art of trio vol 4 - brad mehldau
    reflections- steve lacy
    a rainbow in curved air- terry riley
    the runners four- deer hoof
    the inkling- nels cline
    hold your horse is - hella
    that monk with coltrane ... the old one with purple and the framed painting
    live at the deerhead inn and standards in norway... yes, koln concert- keith jarrett
    bright size life; rejoicing- pat metheny
    new york fall 1974- anthony braxton
    1984;van halen II; fair warning - van halen
    giant steps
    the shape of jazz to come; new york is now- ornette coleman

  5. Matt

    nice mention of hella, good album.
    i'd mention 'by a thread' by john ellis, has mike moreno and aaron goldberg, the composition and arrangements on that album are killer.

  6. jazznan

    1 favourite: The Cure, Keith Jarrett, I've listend to it a million times, every tune is a goldmine of melodic ideas (def. in a Sonny Rollins mood here)

    Bemsha Swing, is a phrase by phrase masterpiece on how to play motivic phrases, almost every phrase could be the melody to a diff. tune

    Old Folks: check out the voice leading and chordal work, what I wouldn't give to sound like that for 30 sec.

    Woody'n You and Golden Earings: swing, swing, swing

    Blame it on My Youth and Body and Sould: beauts' (nice solo by Gary as well)

    The Cure: an original funk fest

    Things Ain't what it Used to be: Gospel, blues delights, yeah Jack D.

    (it's got it all a lot of their albums, but I just keep coming back to this one, sigh)

  7. patfarlow

    awesome, thanks i'll check these on spotify


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