Bruce Arkin

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  1. marc.chillemi

    I went to Berklee with Bruce and he played at my senior recital. I can't believe it's true. Peace Bruce.

  2. shrdawei

    Ive been overwhelmed lately with nostalgia of dizzying memories of my years spent at Berklee in the early 90's as I've been updating my jazz collection as it is an infinite process. Tonight my wife and I were talking over a spread of fajitas and beer as I was discussing old war stories of college days gone by with friends from Boston, two decades ago plus, that included Bruce. One of many tales involved a weekend "trip" up to Bruce's family's camp in Northern VT accompanied by my roommate Aaron and another Berklee student named John(an incredibly talented pianist), along with way too many beers and other substances reminiscent of a Hunter Thompson novel. The details are obviously fuzzy but of the memories I have I can remember laughing. Endless laughing. Bruce's limitless sense of humor and his psychotic laugh will stay with me forever and for those of you that were lucky enough to have known him his musical talent will be missed. All the more devastating to discover news of his passing by randomly googling his name on a whim while guffawing over memories spent with Bruce on Hemenway St. years ago. It only reminds me how preciously short life is and I am thankful of the experiences and laughs shared with someone as unique as Bruce. What i wouldn't give to hear him play The Inchworm again!


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