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  1. I've been listening to a considerable amount of Nelson Veras and John Stowell lately. Not that this is totally connected to that ( other than acoustic guitar work ) but I was really impressed with this guy's compositions and sound. There are things that reminded me of metheny group in a way ( which I'm generally not that into for reasons that are unnecessary to get into here ). There is also a micheal hedges depth and color thing but in a very different context. I'm ( again ) shocked I hadn't heard of this guy before. It was while visiting an old teacher's website that he mentions checking this dude out and that he was somewhat blown away. He has heavy dudes on his albums ( liebman personnel along with bill drewes , etc.).

    There are 2 albums up on spotify .

  2. Alvin

    This guy is great!
    It's strange though that I can't find ANY videos with this guy on Youtube... I didn't think it would be possible for a player of this caliber.


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