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  1. Matt

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    anyone else heard of him? definitely a heavy player. sick technicality and very engrossing.
    what do y'all think?

  2. horg

    ya I saw a video of him playing at Berklee a while back. I don't really enjoy what they're playing in the video you posted, but I think he's a pretty insane player in his own right. Crazy chops for sure.

    I actually tried transcribing some of his stuff from another video of concert highlights of was pretty ridiculous lol.

    PS. sorry for double post, my mistake

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  3. arewolfe

    He is a big fan of Kurt. I used to work in the ensemble office at Berklee and I was listening to East Coast Love Affair one night. He came in looked up at the speakers and went "this Kurt? nice." He supposedly transcribed a number of entire Wayne Krantz records note for note. Big Scofield fan too.

    I saw him perform quite a few times. His chops are absolutely disgusting. His dad started teaching him at age 3. I think between 2004 and 2006 his jazz playing really peaked, funny because he was 17, 18, 19 at that time. I remember seeing him in the Berklee cafeteria one night with Luques Curtis and some others... he just wrecked the place.

    He plays with incredible ferocity and aggression that I've never seen in a jazz player before. He used to be just a hair more melodic than what you see in most of the videos on Youtube. After that he started getting really out there, lots of major 7ths and tritones. At this point I don't think he plays jazz/fusion at all anymore. His new stuff is very industrial ala Nine Inch Nails. Weird progression. We were all sure he was going to be the next Holdsworth.

  4. Matt

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    like that?
    that's some out there shit.
    it reminds me of metheny's 'zero tolerance for silence' in its abrassiveness. i like that people are willing to experiment, though.

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  5. arewolfe

    ^^ Yeah that is what I'm talking about. It's interesting, but so much different than than the music he was creating in a quartet setting.

    I spoke to soon about him not playing jazz/fusion anymore - From March 2010:

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  6. Matt

    i guess he's just staying busy! doing all sounds good

  7. Matt

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    new project from bryan. so much of the stuff reminds me of wayne krantz, especially around 14;15.

  8. Maybe just a little too much like Wayne Krantz...

  9. Benny

    He has his own book, 'Principles of Music, out now. I've just ordered it from

  10. Are you able to see any examples or excercises from the book?
    I am only seeing can intro.
    There are so many books on the market. I feel that many are trying to rewrite the advancing guitarist. There is no point, that is a one of a kind book that gives really practical things to spend a whole lot of time on with a really comfy narrative riding alongside.
    Also, there are some not positive things that I am not saying.

  11. horg

    Benny when you get it the book, please post about it here. Tell us what there is in it, if it has actual notation and concepts and ideas...or if it's just...a soliloquy about how music should come from the heart and all that cheese. I'm really interested in purchasing it myself, but the preview really doesn't give me any insight into what the book is like, except that it seems to be very short.

  12. Hahahahahahaha

  13. smoke

    I have the book...bought it when he first offered it early last year and am assuming the newest edition is the same. It is not simply philosophy, although there is some of that in it. There are specific written examples in each of the chapters in standard notation, a lot of it around how he thinks of the arcs of a melodic phrase, independent of particular scales or even harmony.

    It isn't a book of his lines, or even lines in his style. However, you will get a big picture of how he thinks. I had a lesson w/ him and got much more involved in how he practiced and developed because I asked those specific questions. The lessons and book complimented each other for me. Since I had the lesson before the book, it is hard for me to say what I would have thought had I not talked with him before. To me, it was worth the money and I have worked through some of the material. I have worked through some of what we talked about in our lesson as well. I wish I had time to devote more to each.

    One thing to consider is that he does have a background in teaching, having done it from a pretty young age. I think he does a great job of communicating his ideas, both in person and in the book. He is really a nice guy who loves music and has worked his ass off at it.

    Just my opinion...

  14. horg

    Ok cool thank you, I'm sold. I'll probably be buying the book next week. As for your lesson, can you tell us more? I'm pretty interested in what type of stuff he spoke to you about.

  15. smoke

    I pretty much peppered him with questions which covered how he sees the fretboard all the way to his writing and how he leads his band. We talked about tone a bit as well.

    I think he still gives Skype lessons when he has time. If you are interested in something specific, it might be worth an email asking. He is a very cool guy and has been great to talk with over the past few years.


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