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  1. jbear

    Okay, first off I have about 500-700 to spend on a used amp (30-50w tube modeling amps...been there already). I am playing a Ibanez AS-103 (335) and a Strat. I'm going for that Robben Ford/early-mid career Scott Henderson type of tone in the drive channel. I'd also be hoping that the clean channel can do a Rosenwinkel/Kreisberg/Metheny thing. I do realize that there will be compromise, and likely a tone-full, non-metal sounding drive channel would be the first priority.
    I've seen some Boogies (22 cal., Nomad 45 (a little pricey but I could swing it), Carvins (that's a confusing bunch of choices), a Peavey Classic 30 with upgraded matched tubes and a Weber Silver Bell speaker, and...whatever you all suggest.
    My situation at this time makes it impractical for me to go out and audition amps; that would obviously be the be best way to do this. My next best alternative is to turn to you.
    If you folks would care to give your input...I'd be most grateful.

  2. jazznan

    I really like my Rivera amp, the clubster doce 25

  3. Sandemose

    Yo, I read about Fender Princeton ´10 that can be modified to fit a ´12 speaker. I think Ben Monder use one. Isnt it a Fender Princeton Rivera amps as well? My friend have a Fender Concert combo. Its sounds really great, but I havent seen any other than that one. He got it really cheap. I have a Peavey Classic 30. It causes me trouble way to often...



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  4. jbear

    Thank you for the replies thus far.
    I think Rivera's are out of my price range (although admittedly I haven't look a them).
    May I ask what issues you've encountered with the Peavey?
    I realize that we all bring our personal experiences with us when we offer this type of subjective advice. That's certainly the reason that I should be trying all of these amps myself rather than asking this question (which has probably been asked by every non-millionaire guitarist at one point..."How do I get a "$5,000 amp for $500?).
    Anyone have any thoughts on the Boogie .22 or Reverend Hellhound (both in the $ range)?

  5. I have a used deluxe reverb that i got for 700. You really must check those out. They are fine amps, you can get basically any sound out of them--very versatile.

  6. Sandemose

    jbear: there are common problems with Peavey Classic 30´s that you will find if you search Harmony Central etc. These are problems Ive encountered:

    - Tube noises like ringing/hissing sounds

    - Extream heat levels on the metal chasi were the knobs sit. You cant even touch it. Sometimes it smells like its burning.

    - Power level drops after being on for a longer time, the sound feels like its "[long ago and] far away".

    Positve aspects:

    - Cheap

    - Nice channels. I use the drive channel for clean sounds as well, the drive knob at approx at 4, but the level a bit cranked. Sounds very nice, warm and organinc.

    - Quite good looking actually

    best, Sandemose

  7. jbear

    Well...I have found some promising candidates thus far. The tough part is just choosing one. Here's what I'm looking at so far (feel free to comment...I enjoy reading the thoughts...positive and negative).
    1-Boogie Nomad 45 or 55 (but it's like 80lbs)
    2-Rivera Clubster 45
    3-Boogie 50 Cal
    4-Reverend Hellhound (a little different flavor)
    5-Fender (various Twins, Princetons, Mod. Hot Rod)
    6-Boogie Subway Rocket
    7-Peavey Delta Blues 1x15...this interests me as I wonder if the 15" speaker would be good with a semiHB (and maybe a full hollow) for the bass response that's desirable for cleaner jazz tones.
    8-Carvins (Belair, Nomad, X60)
    Obviously I'm all over the place right now, but I like the learning process (I guess that's why I teach).
    So...keep your ideas coming if you'd like...I do appreciate them.

  8. benjamin

    you should check out the henriksen jazz amp 110. its like having a lighter polytone mini brute that doesnt break like polytones are known to do. i have one of these and a fender kills the twin and the polytone in sound and weighs only 20 pounds. they sell for around 700. go to their website and check out the pro's feedback....hard to deny.

  9. InWalked

    I heard a Buddha live and thought it sounded amazing. I heard that they are affiliated with Peavey now.

  10. mikelorenz

    I've had a Fender Pro Reverb reissue that sounded great but was kind of heavy. It had kickbacks which was really nice to angle the amp back and distribute the sound more evenly. Now I use an Allessandro Working Dog Rottweiller which is basically a hand made Vibrolux for a really good price. New they are about $1400 but I got mine used for around $1000.

    As for solid state amps, I have played with a Polytone mini-brute, Acoustic Image Clarus 1 and the Henriksen Jazz Amp 110R. I think if I had to put them in any kind of order I'd put them in that order for sound as well except for the fact that the Polytone breaks pretty easily. I wasn't happy with the Henriksen as it got a very nasty solid-state break up pretty quickly. The search for a pleasant sounding solid-state amp can be pretty frustrating...I sold the Henriksen because of the sound issues, still have the Polytone but it needs to be fixed and the Acoustic Image is in some form of disrepair after I dropped it once at a gig.

  11. nateroberts

    I use a Henriksen 12 and I really love it. For quite a long time, and up until very recently, I just played straight through the amp with nothing else and got a sound I was very happy with. I have recently started using reverb and delay, but the amp is great with or without.

    I also have a Polytune Mini-brute but it's quite a bit older. The tone is great but it's sort of high maintenance, and I like having the 5-band EQ on the Henriksen. It really does let you control the sound you're getting a lot more. At first it was too much control for me - there were too many options. Now I love it.

    - nate

  12. jbear

    Just found a Carvin Vintage 33 that has been upgraded with a MojoTone 25w speaker and JJ's for $325. Can't afford NOT to try this one. Thanks for all of the input. Maybe when I'm famous I'll grab a Dumble : )

  13. cruxtable

    i'm looking for a new amp too.. anyone know what kurt is using on this concert?

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    probably best tone i've heard

  14. Sandemose

    I guess its a polytone. That sound from that guitar, together with the polytone amp, is the first thing that comes to mind when I imagine Kurts sound in my head.

    Best, Sandemose

  15. I have a vintage Polytone that I've used for years and I liked very much.
    Some weeks ago I bought a pro reverb 1966 serviced, so I've done a direct comparison.
    The two amps in front of me, the guitar and the cable.
    I was really surprised how dead and dull was the tone of the polytone in comparison with the pro reverb, really unmistakable.

  16. Vilibald

    Yeah, that is my Polytone MiniBrute IV, what Kurt is using in that video. His sound with the Fender nowadays is great too.

  17. Vilibald

    It is all in the fingers, gentlemen :)!

  18. Joel

    If you can find one, a second-hand Boogie DC5 is a great amp. I much prefer it to the models which came out to replace it. I've played the same one for over 10 years now and can honestly get any sound you want out of it. I played a fantastic vintage twin not so long ago, but who can carry them...? The Boogie gets a beautiful jazz tone alongside anything else you might need.



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