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  1. sweetdeat

  2. Basile865

    Somewhat funny, very cynical, overall quite an effort to dissect and label the members of the jazz community and view it through a lense from someone who's probably sick of the whole scene. Really this applies to just about all music forms and working/aspiring musicians. He's right everyone should just quit.......(sarcastic). While I've felt that way before, it does nothing but spew negative poison into the veins of creative people who are fighting to make better art. While it may have some truth, my feeling is to ignore this article and press on.

  3. arewolfe

    This thing is killing me! Laughing my balls off right now. Whoever wrote this is a master.

  4. sweetdeat

    Yeah...I more or less posted it to get a laugh or two. There's a little truth woven into it but hey...if you love the music then play it until you can't play anymore and just let people know you exist. That's all you have control over in this world anyway...

    Anyway, worth a read I guess...

  5. arewolfe

    It's funny. For me, reaching Gig Whore status would be fine. "Building up a base of talentless students if his hometown" LOL. At 29, I have no intentions of being a Chosen One. Reaching a University Professor status would be great. I'm just trying to make a living with music and a guitar in my hands. If I don't have to work in an office or in the field of manual labor I'm PSYCHED.

    The art aspect of it is a personal release for me, not something I expect other people to care about much.

  6. silverwater

    A comment relative to this thread:

    I wish people would stop playing for free.

    It undercuts everyone looking to make an honest buck doing what they do, because venue owners can start to realize that if they hold out long enough, they eventually can find people to come play their place for a beer and a sandwich. Because let's face it, if the choice comes down to playing some music with your friends or staying home and watching Seinfield reruns, most of us would choose playing.

    But man, if you've put in the time/money to get good at something with a market value like playing music, you've got to get compensated for your time. I wouldn't dream of asking a painter to give me a painting for free, but yet I seem to be getting a ton of offers to play for free lately. In some cases I think it's cool, like if you are working with a group trying to establish its name and you're offered a gig that you know will have a large built-in crowd, or maybe if you get the chance to play with someone a tier above you. But generally speaking, this playing for free crap has got to end. (And I'm looking at you, NYC)

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  7. jorgemg1984

    I don't have the time to read a 8-page article right now but I agree - don't play for free. Don't play for promotion. Don't play for 20 bucks... It's bad for everyone.

    Some years ago here in Portugal all the major casinos payed 100€ per musician. One day they said - now we pay 50 (this is way prior to the current debt crisis). And all the musicians said yes... I was shocked! I refuse to play there and I don't understand why we didn't do a strike... musicians should fight more on that kind of stuff. As you said you wouldn't ask a painter to just give you a paiting.

    I also get asked a lot to play to "promote" my work - it just happened to me in a hotel. I wanted to tell them "let me sleep in your hotel for a week with everything included and I will tell everyone I know how good it was". But it was pointless.

  8. guitarmo

    This is hilarious!!!!

  9. sweetdeat

    I knew you'd like that Guitarmo! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!


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