Changing frets

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  1. Alvin

    Hey, guys!

    I've had trouble with my fingerboard and frets for some time now.
    When I bought my axe about six years ago, I had a technician even the frets. But couple a years back the high F# (XIV fret) on the first string stopped ringing properly and now the D has catched the same trouble.
    I guess it's because the wood has shrinked a bit and some frets have popped out from the slots. But over the years the frets have also worn a bit.
    So, long story short, my question is: when do you think it is time to change the whole fret set? How worn out would they have to be?
    I know it's difficult to say, without actually seeing the guitar, but what do you think? Would it be more reasonable to let the luthier even them out again or change the whole thing?

    All the best!

  2. animitta

    i would like to tell that everythings depends from the way the guitar 'sing'.
    I think that to change all the frets it's a quite difficult and potential risky operation.
    I had a similar experience two years ago, i thought that was the time to change the frets to my baby ( a 20 years old guitar ) and so i went to a luthier. I was quiet scared, i read many articles about refretting and i was not so happy about that kind of work. Luckily the luthier was a really great guy, cause he suggested to me to make a re-crowning ( to remake the correct shape of the frets , the top part, the crown ) and see if the guitar could sing again. So i left my guitar to his shop for a week and when i came back i could not believe how great was his work. The guitar could sing on every frets and was more more easy to play.
    So, i suggest you to ask to a competent luthier which is the best operation to make. Probabilly with a re-crowning you can heal your baby too : )
    All the Best


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