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  1. jazzbum

    Hey everyone I just picked up this Masterclass from Mike's Masterclasses:

    Tom does a great job codifying (as one of the reviewers on the site says) a lot of concepts modern guys are using. This specific class has a couple cool little transcriptions lines played by Monder, Kreisberg and Kurt. Some great concepts and two hours long. I am certain that some of you on here would dig it. The stuff on stacked fifths is sweet.

    Also looking forward to this site getting up and running:

    Tim's got some crazy stuff happening. I'm working through the book he did with Goodrick right now, and it is opening up a lot of doors. His left hand is a thing of beauty and efficiency for sure.

  2. jseaberry

    Yes, Tom Lippincott's classes are superb. I splurged and bought all 5 of his "Modern Jazz Guitar" classes. I have enjoyed every second.

  3. jazzbum

    I'm curious about the third one, it looks pretty awesome. What did you think of the 4th and 5th?

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  4. I TOO have found the Lippincott YouTubes (... But have not gone forward to the point of purchasing the Mikey's masterclass es). And I recently acquired the Tim miller goodrick book and reopened a post from some months ago( which should be somewhere close to the top of the forum feed). I said some stuff and in the past few days have thought of more. I'm exhausted and will now nap but I do want to know more about the Lippincott classes ( there were a couple that looked good so making a decision seemed tough ).

  5. jseaberry

    The 4th and 5th are to me the most awesome; both deal with rhythmic variety, creating tension by groupings of notes, by superimposition, by using different variations on triplets to create tension, etc., and they use the Rosenwinkel/Rogers/Kreisberg type of lines that are given in Part III as the examples here, so each part of the classes builds on material given before. You don't just learn Rosenwinkel lines, but then you learn how to play around with note placement, duration, etc.

  6. jazzbum

    That sounds great! I will probably end up buying all 5 at some point, but I gotta take smaller bites.....

  7. jseaberry

    I first came across Tom Lippincott long ago on the Google Jazz Guitar discussion group, until he got fed up with the bickering (I guess that was it), so when he started submitting the Masterclasses, I already knew he was the Real Deal, so I told the kids that their college tuition bills would just have to wait......just kidding.

  8. jazzacast55

    I've bought 2,3,4 and 5, originally bought 4 first because of the rhythmic ideas and odd meter stuff, that really helped me with playing in 5 as well as odd grouping, it was really big as for opening that stuff up for me now that I think about it.

    I then bought 3 which is the harmony part which is great also and with my semi hollow and polytone/delay/reverb sound I was getting that kurt,Lage,Kreisberg sound and I was really in to it, lot of ideas with replacing the 3rd with the 4th in chords.

    Next I got part 5 because I had got through and worked on the 5 feel stuff and odd groupings and part 5 was all about playing in 7, how to turn tunes into 5 or 7, metric modulation/poly rhythm ideas and gear and talking section.

    The last one I got was part 2 but I was starting to get over it a little it was about melody/scales ideas.
    The ideas in part 2 were much like the sound you hear from Kurt and other New York guys, Lage Lund always came to mind with the sound I was hearing and Kreisberg, ideas in 5ths, new arpeggios and augmented ideas.
    Now that I write about part 2 I might get back into it, bought it about a month or 2 ago but started to feel I was letting those lessons do all my thinking for me so gave it a break.

    I bought them one at a time as I really wanted to learn this modern jazz style, spent about a month or 2 just on the rhythmic one (part 4) before I bought the next and kinda did the same with that one.

    It's semi heavy stuff, nothing you can't handle but there is a LOT in each video so I reckon even buy one and work your way through.
    I would watch the whole thing first (little over an hour long) and see what was in there and then work my way through.
    I can say the biggest one and the one I learnt the most from as I feel it was my weakest point was the rhythmic one (part 4) lots of good ideas and really took my ideas to another level as I could use the odd note groupings and poly rhythm ideas on lines or ideas I already had.
    Just thought I'd mention it.
    Only thing I thought would be cool if they had some kind of buy 2 for $40 or when you buy one you get $5 off the next one as it often took me a while to decide to spend $30 on them, they are great for the money but if your into buying a lot of them and even from other teachers and rack up 10 videos from that site it would be cool to be rewarded with a small discount after you buy a couple.

  9. Mike's Master class generously uploaded the entire Drop 2&4 and Drop 2&3 lesson by Tom Lippincott. It is the whole thing! I thought inquiring minds would like to know.

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  10. mrzzajjazz

    Thanks a lot for sharing!!


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