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  1. I'm curious about cheap guitars. Does anyone have any good experience with purchasing any guitars for around $300 or less. I've been really interested in purchasing a Tele(Ed Bickert vibe) lately. I know I'm not gonna get a $3000 guitar for $300 bucks, but I'd like to think that there are some mediocre, or better guitars out there for a small price.

  2. david6strings

    i've heard good thing about classic vibe squier strats. the aren't a 3000 dollars guitar but they aren't a 1000 dollars guitar too. just a thing tuned with a decent sound and able to do some school concerts, is what that kind of guitars are. mine cost 450 euros right now (sheraton II) if you are a student i think this is the guitar

  3. InWalked

    For under $500, you can get a Fender Standard Telecaster which are made in Mexico. I recommend these to my students because of their quality, versatility and price. From what I'm told anything made overseas, 1/4 of the price is for the boat ride.

  4. Matt

    ebay always turns out good stuff. You could possibly snag something cheap off there(if you are comfortable with that).
    Also, has some pretty stellar guitars that go through. you'd maybe need to do some work on them.

  5. riverstooge

    A few years ago I got an Epiphone Casino (Like John Lennon's) for $300...I sanded the finish off and all, it's an AMAZING guitar for the price. It's fully hollow and has P-90 pickups. I played a few of them that weren't so great, this one was special though. My main guitar is a Gibson 335 from the 70s, kinda like Kurt's but the Epiphone is quite a subsitute for a fraction of the cost.

    Also the new Godin(?) hollow body that my student has is really nice, think it's about $600.

  6. Check out
    My main axe now is a Gibson ES-175 (not, but these guitars are sold really cheap, and in my honest opinion, far superior to Squiers or anything in that realm.The have a few hollowbodies here and there...but I'm really impressed by their Tele and Strat can find clips of them on youtube.

    As a side note, I bought a Selmer-Macaferri style acoustic on there a few years ago for 219.00 with the case! Still plays and sounds wonderful!

  7. danelectro reissues. stagg. ibanez artcore series.

  8. JorgeRubiales

    + for the artcore series. Have one and it really stands up against more expensive guitars. Just make sure to use at lease .011. With a pickup change they are serious players (specially the neck, it's very comfortable and well finished).


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