Cherry Red Gibson

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  1. andyjazz

    335 1976

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. Thank you very much Andyjazz

  3. I totally fell in love with that Instrument. Sooooo pretty.
    Anyone has some further info on it? I'd be especially interested in the neck size (thin vs. fat) and the pickups. Kurt, maybe you could comment on that?
    I've been looking for a similar model for quite some time. The post 64 335's are actually quite affordable. However, the 70ies and 80ies Gibsons are usually not that popular, so initially I thought it was a late 60ies.
    Again I'd really appreciate it if someone (maybe even Kurt himself) could give some further info on it.
    Cheers, Lupo

  4. Basile865

    I love the use of it on "Whispers of Love":

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