children of the night

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  1. monk

    Has anyone checked our Mike Moreno's version of this tune? He seems to be playing it differently from the original.

    9th bar onwards for original:
    Eb / D- G7 / C / B- E7
    A / G / F#- B7 /E- A7
    D / C#- F#7 / B / B

    Im not sure what chords mike is playing but the bass notes from the 9th bar onwards are as follow:
    C / D / F# / D
    C# / G / F# / E A
    A / Ab / F#

    feels like it could be the original changes but just having a different bass movement
    not sure man

  2. urmo

    Hey, I have started checking this tune today.

    Im still not sure, but I ended up with following changes for B part:

    C-7 | D-7 | F#-7b5 | Eb-7 |
    Dmaj7 | Gmaj7 | F#-7 (F7) | E-7 A7 |
    Dmaj7/A |(Ab-7) | Eb-7/Gb

    I have some doubt about 3rd and 4th bar, it is a bit tricky and it is changing in the solos a little I guess.



  3. monk

    Hi urmo, I eventually gotten most of the changes I think.
    it's more of less the same as yours except that Im seeing the last 2 chords as Db-7 and Gbmaj7

    Thanks man


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