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Chopin and Classic Music applied to Jazz

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  1. Matt

    My mother was a music ed major in college, and has a rather large collection of piano compositions from Bach to Chopin to Dvorak, etc, and so i've taken a few and am learning/reading them, but i'm curious if there are specific ideas on applying knowledge from classical music to jazz?

  2. jazznan

    jazz is European Classical harmony and African rhythms combined. All the harmonic stuff that happened in jazz in the 20th Century had already happened in European Classical music. Chopin has lots of "jazz" in the music...I guess it's just up to your creativity

  3. andyjazz

    Funny you should mention this, there is a new Criss Cross cd by Peter Beets with Joe Cohn on Guitar called "Chopin Meets The Blues." I haven't heard it yet, but Joe is one of my favourite guitarists on the planet. There is also a new Will Vinson release with Lage Lund on it that should be killing!!!


  4. david6strings

    well bach is one of the favourites for the jazzmen all over the world. anyway i recommend the Randy Waldman recording called "Wigged Out" in order to listen to classical stuff played with jazz concept but all of these monsters from Metheny to Meldhau have classical studies in their beguinings. Matt i think there are nothing really new on this game but in order to answer you i think maybe people apply the techniques that like to hear. I like for exemple the pivot note technique and i work on it to develope it through my improvisations etcetera.

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  5. Poparad

    I've been meaning to work on this more, but composers with a large developmental streak in their writing (namely people like Bach, Beethoven, or Bartok) are worth studying score from as their writing is similar to what we do as jazz musicians. We're developing themes in real time, and attempting to get the most out of each idea, which is exactly what these composers did with their pieces. In fact, Bach himself was known for being a great improviser in his day, even more than anyone knew of his composing.

  6. sortell

    I like some of the through-composed ideas applied to Jazz. Keith Jarrett's "Koln Concert" is an example of that. Incredible stuff.
    I also recommend Bill Frisell album "Have a little faith", where he reinterpreted some of Aaron Copeland and Charles Ives compositions through improvisation.

  7. jazznan

    "Koln Concert" is totally improvised, what do you mean by "through-composed" in regards to that?

  8. jazznan

    "Koln Concert" is totally improvised, what do you mean by "through-composed" in regards to that?

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  10. InWalked

    When listening to some recent Bill Frisell cds (Richter 858, History Mystery, Disfarmer, Beautiful Dreamers), Ives influence on him is glaring. Also hear lots of John Adams both in terms or writing and orchestration on History Mystery.

  11. sortell

    @jazznan.. Through-composed is the musical form. Think of this way, if you were to transcribe and analyze Koln, how would you define the musical structure ?

  12. Sandemose

    I always think of late Ted Greene who had an vast knowledge of baroch and classical harmony. For me, he is the link between classical music and jazz in one aspect. He was a jazz guitarist (I might be wrong), who knew so much about harmony and classical music as well. Such a beautiful and powerful mind he was. His memorial website is fantastic as well.



  13. Quintricacy

    Apparently this Chopin piece inspired How Insensitive.

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  14. gleepglop

    And "Exit Music For a Film" . . .

  15. david6strings

    it's amazing how the greats composers of the music history have done use of the arpeggios and scales in instruments that can't make chords for insinuating the harmony all the time. this is very helpful in order to study. can you make me hear the harmony playing single note lines in a solo with the only comp of a metronome? obviously being able to do this is a good starting point. i can see this in every classic composition for cello etc..

  16. Quintricacy and gleepbop , without touching the link I can tell you are talking about opus 27 e minor ( those triads with that voiceleading ).
    The ballade has great diminished licks and all kinds of great ideas. So fluid and lush.


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