Chord Melody Soloing-Sandu

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  1. JtV

    I realize there is a lot going on in this video. But I was wondering if someone with more knowledge than me can give some specifics on what Kurt is doing and how to approach learning this yourself. Is he using harmonized chord scales? chords and inversions, approach chords? any info would be great.

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  2. JtV

    Hello? Anybody out there?

  3. Hahaha.. Yeah , kind of a bummer when nobody replies.
    There are so many things going on. Talking about it almost feels futile because there is so much dimension to what he does that some play by play breakdown would be such a reductionist and disrespectful way to attempt at overviewing this masterful moment of sublime guitar playing.
    However I see some things ( from a really vague perspective ) : 3rds, 6ths, triads ( in all their inversions - as rootless voicings or extensions of larger chords ;adjacent notes ( 2nds surrounded by other notes at larger intervals ( super vague , right ) ? With all this harmonic stuff , I really don't think it's with much effort- he clearly can run any one of these up and down , but it really feels like the decisions are coming from an urge to state and maintain things in the service of a lyrical quality. This is further butressed by serious groove ( reminiscent of the Hal galper schpeil on rhythmic phrasing ), it feels like he isn't plunking along merely marking time - it feels like bigband hits and stuff ( but cooler than a lot of the shit I've heard ).

  4. smoke

    Kind of reminds me of a modern version of what Steve Herberman does in the class linked below. It would at least give you a start.


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