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Chord Melody Transcriptions

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  1. ziggynice

  2. JorgeRubiales

    I think anything Joe Pass is mandatory when it comes to chord melody. In youtube there are tons of examples ;)

  3. Quintricacy

    I'm gonna be transcribing some of Kurt's solo on Darn That Dream from this video. I think what he's playing here is amazing and the fact that it's improvised is even more amazing.

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  4. Matt

    Quintricacy - that's a beautiful video...

    For chord/melody stuff, i like ben monder's stuff- his compositions book really exposed me to voice leading and more 'advanced' voicings

  5. chollus

    try to transcribe small kurt's's a good exercice ans it's a very pianistic point of view of the guitar. i did reflections and ask me now (from the trio reflections), darn that dream (from a youtube video by KIRK rosenwinkel), so i have stuff to work for a few years...

  6. ericost

    Chollus If you wrote down the transcribtion on "darn that dream" or "ask me now" would you be willing to share it? :-)

  7. chollus

    to ericost (and others)... to download the intro of reflections/darn that dream and ask me now... go to my myspace.... blog.... and dowload the picture...

  8. ziggynice

    Yeah, i've transcribed the intro from Ask Me Now. Great one. But i was looking for older examples. Like George Van Eps, Wes, Jim Hall, etc...

  9. chollus

    try to have a look on tal farlow

  10. ericost

    Thank you Chollus.


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