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  1. ziggynice

    I'm searching for representative chord melody examples. I've transcribed Wes's "Days Of Wine and Roses", "In Your Own Sweet Way" And "I've Grown Accostumed to Her Face".
    Hope there is some sugestions out there :)

  2. JorgeRubiales

    I think anything Joe Pass is mandatory when it comes to chord melody. In youtube there are tons of examples ;)

  3. Quintricacy

    I'm gonna be transcribing some of Kurt's solo on Darn That Dream from this video. I think what he's playing here is amazing and the fact that it's improvised is even more amazing.

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  4. Matt

    Quintricacy - that's a beautiful video...

    For chord/melody stuff, i like ben monder's stuff- his compositions book really exposed me to voice leading and more 'advanced' voicings

  5. chollus

    try to transcribe small kurt's's a good exercice ans it's a very pianistic point of view of the guitar. i did reflections and ask me now (from the trio reflections), darn that dream (from a youtube video by KIRK rosenwinkel), so i have stuff to work for a few years...

  6. ericost

    Chollus If you wrote down the transcribtion on "darn that dream" or "ask me now" would you be willing to share it? :-)

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  7. chollus

    to ericost (and others)... to download the intro of reflections/darn that dream and ask me now... go to my myspace.... blog.... and dowload the picture...

  8. ziggynice

    Yeah, i've transcribed the intro from Ask Me Now. Great one. But i was looking for older examples. Like George Van Eps, Wes, Jim Hall, etc...

  9. chollus

    try to have a look on tal farlow

  10. ericost

    Thank you Chollus.


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