Chords with No Name?

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  1. Matt

    I came across some chord voicings today that sound great, but i can't figure out what they are. Here are the notes- (it's a three chord progression, four notes each))

    1- A, Bb, F, C
    2- Bb, C, G, D
    3- B, F, C, G

    Maybe i'm making this more complicated than it is, but i'm stumped

  2. jbroad

    1- F/A (add 11)
    2- g min/Bb (add 11)
    3- G7 add 11/B (omit 5th)

  3. Poparad

    2 could also be Bb 6/9

  4. silverwater

    You can always put a name to a chord.

  5. colinmanko

    You should check out Vic Jurris's approach to comping. Intervallic structures. So basically you comp out of the key that the chords in. Of course it's a little more complicated than that, I'm just saying that those chords could be numerous things. Check out that comma splice.


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