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  1. jazzbum

    When I was younger I dreamt of living in some extent I still do, but so many people I know get down on it, for various reasons. And really, it seems so impractical. Kurt has often expressed some interesting thoughts about how New York has changed for the worse since he was a regular at Smalls, post 9-11. I am curious where some of you more seasoned players have seen some really amazing and open art/music scenes (also open minded).

    I have a friend who lives in Berlin and loves it for many reasons....Any thoughts appreciated. Looking for a change, pretty much anywhere ought to be better than where I live now, but I just don't know where to start looking besides the usual places.

  2. jazzacast55

    Hate to go off topic a little I guess but what's up with New York? I don't know anyone personally who lives there or who plays so I was just interested in what you mentioned.
    From what I feel if you can get a scene going where you are from, there is nothing wrong with that, I feel like no matter where you go it will be rough for people playing Jazz, I live in Australia and feel very luck to be able to do ANY of the gigs I do.
    From what I hear Europe seems to be a good place, I've heard great things about Berlin, people seem to be more into it and open to it over there.

  3. sweetdeat

    I'd love to hear an elder statesmen of any scene talk about their city...

  4. Anonymous

    Hi all, I'm moving from Australia to Berlin 2 weeks from now. Am hoping it will work out for me. I've heard from people that its relatively cheap to live, and the Germans have a reputation of being very enthusiastic and supportive of the arts in general. So I'll see if my particular vibe clicks with the place and take it from there... very excited!

  5. fakejake

    Berlin is beautiful and really affordable. Very modest rents if you look for apartments in the eastern part, also cheap food. Lots of offering in all departments of art + culture: photography, fine arts, street art, loads of extremely interesting (+saddening..) sites of German/ European 20th century history. Music life is great, not only the Jazz scene, but also for classical music and Rock/ Pop if youre into that, almost every upcoming or major artist/ band will have Berlin on their tour.It is also so located very central so that you can easily make trips on a budget to the rest of europe (Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, London...) For someone from the US moving to Europe, I think Berlin is the place to go really.

  6. jorgemg1984

    I have no idea how Berlin's jazz scene is but the city is just great - tons of things to do and very affordable (allmost had an heart attack when arrived Munich after Berlin). I wouldn't mind living in Berlin but the weather just kills me; 27ยบ in Lisbon yesterday and I think it rained 4 or 5 since early December :)

  7. Pauli Poulsen


    I'm currently considering doing a master in jazz in either Berlin or Copenhagen.
    Copenhagen is a bit smaller, but has a healthy jazz scene, and is also just a very nice city. Cost of living will be a lot higher though.

  8. jorgemg1984

    I meant I live in Lisbon and I am sure I would have a hard time adjusting to Berlin's weather, it's hot as hell here and it's 1 am!:)

  9. Pauli Poulsen

    Ah, I see. For some reason I read it as -27 degrees, which, in retrospect would be very odd for Germany, even during winter. :)

  10. jorgemg1984

    You're right - edited the post :) back to the original subject!

  11. lacroix

    Amsterdam, too, has got a lively jazz scene, plus there are interesting post-grad options at the Conservatorium. Climate-wise Barcelona is certainly more attractive and has got a very good jazz scene. I think that Kurt, Brad Mehldau and a bunch of emerging American figures lived there for some time during the 90s.

    @jorgemg1984: nice to hear that you're from Lisbon. I'm going to spend a week there from April 4 to 11. Any good jazz clubs you would recommend? thx!

  12. jorgemg1984

  13. silverwater


    The downside of NYC (from my experience as one who is pretty much on the bottom of the totem pole anyway):

    The biggest problem with NYC is that it's so saturated with talent that musicians end up taking less and less $$$ for gigs, to the point that many even play for free. Same for teaching private lessons, if you look on Craigslist for private guitar teachers, some are advertising their services at ridiculously low rates. That, coupled with the always increasing costs of living, can make things difficult. Venue owners probably feel those high costs too, so many might not even have the cash to compensate musicians at a decent rate. I'm lucky enough to have landed a decent day job so I don't need to worry so much, but many of the guys I play with are full-timers, and are struggling to make ends meet.

    The upside: You can play with a lot of great players, and see world-class music on a nightly basis. Getting my ass kicked has made me grow a lot as a musician, more than I would have if I'd stayed in the rural area I'm from (even though I made a lot more money there). Most musicians I've met here are pretty cool too, and I haven't run into much of that old-school "cutting-heads" mentality (nor have had the cops called on me by a douchebag drummer). There is an audience for jazz here too, so the playing opportunities do exist.

    Also, there's a 24-hour subway, which gives one plenty of opportunities to unintentionally pass out on the train and wake up to a sunrise in Coney Island :-p

  14. ... You got Canarsie'd!


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