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Clapping in East Coast Love Affair

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  1. Has anyone noticed what sounds like one or two people clapping after the bass solo in the title track on the East Coast Love Affair album? About 6:40. I can't unhear it now. I wonder if that was a small live show that was recorded and put on the album? I bought the MP3s so I don't have the liner notes.

    It reminds me of the phone ringing in Tool's Opiate

  2. Gia5

    East Coast Love Affair was recorded Live at Small's Club, NY, July 10 & 24, 1996. ;-)

  3. There ya go! Thanks Gia5. Finding out this is a live performance makes it even more incredible

  4. I also get the feeling that everyone else in the world knew this except for me. Dur

  5. PaoloBach

    after all we all appreciate that clapping, even if we already knew i was a live recording.... :-)

  6. when listening to this record, I clap after each solo too :) I get some strange looks around here


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