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  1. Basile865

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to share this with you.... a local luthier and friend of mine named Clay Conner builds some really great guitars. Today while hanging out at the shop he asked if I'd like to take one home with me just for a day or two. I just want to help spread the word about him and his builds. Clay is a really down to earth guy and if you're in the market - he builds some stunning guitars ranging from solid body to fully hollow archtop. Any scale.......6 string, 7 string, and even fanned frets if you like! He's revamping his website currently but keep an eye on him because he's one to be noted I feel. I've got a crush on this guitar! haha

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  2. InWalked

    I've never met Clay but he has done work on a few of my guitars when he was working with Novax in San Fran. He had a hand in building my semihollow 8-string and also retrofitted a fanned fret neck on my tele. Great craftsman and definitely one to watch.

  3. Matt

    i'm as impressed with the playing as the guitar! SLICK!


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