Coltrane Changes?

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  1. jazznan

    How many of you use Coltrane changes over a standard progression? Where's you're favourite place to use it in a tune?

  2. arriving somewhere.

  3. jazznan

    huh? don't get that a tune? over what progressions do you like to use it, specifically?

  4. for this II V I: , Dmin7 / G7/ Cmaj7/ %.
    you can play these 1235 licks starting at these points C Eb,Ab B,E G, and C. ( in 8th notes) like:
    CDEG EbFGBb/ AbBbCDb BC#D#F/ EF#G#B GABD / C Maj stuff

  5. jazznan

    aahh yes, i get it, thanks

  6. sorry ,in the 3rd set should be an Eb not Db.
    also look at countdown's first 4 bars; this is a way of arriving at Dmaj. the next 4 are a way to arrive at c maj


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