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Comments/feedback on me playing "Careful" by Jim Hall

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  1. horg

    Hey everyone, figured I'd share this with people and see what some of you think. It's me playing Careful by Jim Hall at school. Any feedback or criticism is welcome, heck even if its not's all good, I just want to know how it sounds to other people's ears.

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    One thing I've noticed is that I don't hold chords for very long usually >_< so ya working on that lol.

  2. harmnobean

    I think your content sounds really good. This means you are probably ready to think more about shaping the entire performance. For example, although everything you played in your solo seemed to work well, I didn't really hear a particular climax. I think that being able to shape the entire performance from beginning to end in an effective way would be a really appropriate thing to work on.

    Sounds good!

  3. horg

    Agreed. Ya, other people have pointed that out to me too and it's helpful to take note of that. Thanks !

  4. jazznan

    Your time was a bit off or too loose and unconfident for most of the intro and melody. (I think this is the most common problem with every player, so don't feel bad)

    about 1:52 was the first time I felt you started getting a bit more in "the pocket". Between 1:52 and the clapping at the end of your solo felt much more confident

    your comping was too loud for the bass solo, I would suggest turning down (listen to Scofield, he does a good job of turning down)

    the outro melody was better, more confident...I realize it's a warm up thing and getting into it on stage and in front of people, but that's what I heard. Keep it up, you'll only get better!

  5. horg

    ya you heard right, the intro was a result of lack of communication between me and the bass player. I thought we were going through the form and he thought we were vamping the first 4 ya, not so great :(

    So ya you heard absolutely right.

    Ya comping, good call...need to address that.

    Thanks a lot for watching and taking the time to comment, means a lot!

  6. jazznan

    All I got say is good for you! You're actually trying "to be" a jazz musician, not just wanting "to hear" that you are one, here's Branford on this:

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  7. horg

    haha ya I LIVE by that video man, I watch it almost every day lool! Pretty sad situation in the world of music these days.


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