Compression? Kurt's gear

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  1. jazznan

    Does Kurt use a compression pedal? What do you guys think of a compression pedal and jazz? thanks

  2. carlescountry

    I don't know now what pedal he uses, but I think some time ago he used the Joemeek FloorQ, optical compresor.

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  3. Matt

    I think he might use one - it's possible.
    I generally dislike compressed tone, but if you want a very long, sort of sustained tone, it's useful.

  4. Benny

    When I first saw Kurt live ('07 in Will Vinson's quartet), he had a Barber Tone Press on his pedalboard. When I saw him with his standards trio last year, the only pedal I could see was an Eventide Timefactor.

  5. JorgeRubiales

    I don't think he uses one nowadays. If anything, maybe just for an effect (not engaged the whole time).

    P.S: That timefactor looks insane...

  6. Joel

    Sorry to be off-topic... Benny, was that gig with Vinson the one at Charlie Wrights?


  7. Benny

    Hi Joel,
    Yes, I was at the Charlie Wright's gig. I took a couple of cheeky photos that are up on Kurt and Will's Facebook pages.

  8. Joel

    That was an amazing gig. Best version of Zhivago I've heard I think...

  9. Benny

    Joel, I remember squeezing into the pub during the first set just in time for 'Zhivago'. That gig was my introduction to Will Vinson, who is now one of my favourite sax players. There were some great gigs at Charlie Wright's around that period. Did you see Will Vinson in Greenwich earlier this year with Lage Lund?

  10. I was at a Master class with Kurt in Montreal I think this was right before Reflections came out. He was talking about his setup, which i think is changing constantly, but for that gig he had a little bit of compression, an eq pedal, and delay always on. The delay he used all the time was just a very tiny echo that was almost barely audible in the hall we were in. then used his other pedals eg. the rat and more delay with the expression pedal and I'm pretty sure he had some sort of chorus. He used Lehle pedals to blend his effects into a good balance. I think that for his standards trio shows he was using compression always on as to get a certain tone he wanted. But I doubt he uses it all the time like for this gig I'm pretty sure he doesn't have one on. Such a good show though!

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  11. Joel

    Benny, it was the same for me. Have checked out a lot of Vinsons gigs since; the punkbop band was great too. Yeah I was also at the greenwich gig with Lage Lund, the more I listen to him the more impressed I am. Though it didn't quite have the fire of that charlies gig... Unfortunately it seems that era of amazing gigs at charlies seems to have had a limited life span, as most things in London do. There were some damn fine gigs there though, Fly Trio, David Binney, John Escreet etc.

    Thoeller, that's some great music there.

    Did anyone see the Rebecca Martin gig at Charlies in London? That was a great group; very interesting to see Django Bates in the midst of it. Some great momoents of improvisation between him and Kurt.


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